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Fun vs 5/6 new players

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15 hours ago, Kcing said:

Hi Unfolded. You played well for sure. I had a lot of fun and got some good experience in that fight. I hope to someday be able to hold my own as well as you did.


Thanks Kcing, all we all need is practice. Just keep dueling/looking for fights and always try something new.


Or do like I do and copy smarter people's builds. @scipio

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Watched the first 5 minutes. Must have been epic as the one ranger, but just it seems like the balance players weren't aware of the bug mentioned in the start of the video.  You can see the melee sitting on top of Unfolded, swinging away for no damage. 

4 or 5 of the players on the field couldn't actually do damage to the Unfolded or weren't aware of how to deal with that bug/exploit.

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