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Apologies if it's been brought up before but does anyone recall any information about emotes? 

I'm loving how the game is coming together! Was just curious to know what the fine folks at crowfall and it's wonderful community think about making animations for this kind of thing. I presume the answer is "that's something we would love to do but probably after launch." Which is totally acceptable. But whether or not that's the case I'd be very interested to hear it discussed. 

I've always loved emotes in games. Whether or not they are used to portray positive emotions or incite rage they always add color to the in game characters as well as a window into the other players personality. 

This kind of thing interests me greatly and I approve of all delays it may or may not cause! 

Thank you for your time.

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41 minutes ago, spoody said:

"that's something we would love to do but probably after launch."

A bit late to say it, but anyways, welcome to the forums. ;)

That is indeed more or less the state of affairs. There will definitely be emotes, but they don't have the highest priority. These are things for the animation team and they are still busy with doing the combat related animations for the class/race combinations. Once this is done...

I would appreciate some early emotes, too (would provide some opportunities for great videos). But hey, it's a PvP game and all the combat stuff has to be priority number one. Doesn't make sense to be able to "dance" if the characters can't fight. By the way, /dance should already work (but only show the basic pause animation).

The rest will come ... as sure as winter will. ;)

EU-Support-Guild  https://discord.gg/6GVAuFH 

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