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What Is A Specialist To You?

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In a combat role I believe an Assassin should be more than capable of eliminating a target one on one, an in addition be effective in temporarily disabling another target or two to accomplish this goal. Making the assassin outright weaker than most other characters, having to wait for them to be typing to win a 1v1 defeats the purpose honestly. The specialist part, so far as combat goes, I think should make it difficult for an assassin to perform in a brawl. When there are enough combatants an assassin should flounder, 4v4 fight? You can stun one guy but the other three turn around and floor you. 20v20 battle? As soon as you unstealth the enemy army will turn on you so fast you can't get an attack off. 


An assassin should be good at what they do (killing a high priority target, recon, infiltration, possibly theft, getting around someones defenses to sabotage or open the gates for a raiding force). They should have a toolkit that allows them to be clever and unpredictable with their actions, and having one alone with you should be your worst nightmare. What they shouldn't do, or be good at, is be a soldier. They're too squishy to be on the front lines, they're too melee-centric (or at least semi-inept in ranged combat) to sit back out of range like an archer. 


To me an assassin is the kind of character that comes across as a game changer, one that fufills the fantasy of espionage and murder.


One of the worst things I can see happening with the assassin is them being a full on burst 'sink or swim' archtype. You open on someone from stealth, and it goes two ways, they die and you win the fight, they live and then kill you because you're ineffectual at prolonged combat. This is fun for pretty much no one. The opponent because they didn't have a chance to flee or outplay a poor assassin. And you because of bulky targets and gear scaling. If you need to kill someone who more than a clothie you've lost before the fight starts. If your mage target has top tier gear and you don't? Pretty much no chance whatsoever, despite the fact that you're a melee who's supposed to be adept at disabling and killing a single target. The counterplay against an assassin should be mental. Fear an assassination? Get a bodyguard or travel in a group. Don't want to be infiltrated / stolen from? Have guards with a high perception (or whatever winds up countering stealth). Think they're going to be tunneling into your base? Hollow out the ground underneath your keep and set up a sentry to keep watch. It's been pushed pretty heavily that the social order will be a huge part of the game, as such I'd like to see archtypes (assassin in particular) be designed with this in mind. 


Just some thoughts I had to better clarify how I feel assassins should operate with regards to combat situations.

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Its always a challenge for an MMO to implement an assassin/rogue without the rest of the community calling out for nerfs.  The community doesn't like any class that can come out from no where, control a fight and burst you down.  They'll forget how weak you are after your burst and are out of stealth.


A specialist is any class that has unique abilities.  Which means of course, all the classes are specialists!  I think one thing that hurt WOW is that classes began to be much like each other.  Classes lost their uniqueness.


I sincerely hope this game doesn't make the same mistakes that WOW made with hybrid versus pure classes.

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