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Cremoria [NA] [Semi-hardcore gaming community]

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Discord:  https://discord.gg/uSvvYEm


Our values

Our motto is classy and sassy, this defines how we interact with the larger community as a whole. We keep things respectable, we don't trash talk, but we encourage folks to be sassy and to include as many jazz hands as possible.  We hold honoring our word above all else, because we realize as a community all we have to bargain with is our word and our reputation. We listed ourselves as Semi-hardcore, for two reason. 

1) We believe that one hour of play time a week, is one more hour than we would of had before

2) We believe that anyone can be taught how to play a game better. 

This means that we look for folks with a good attitude, an ability to listen and follow directions, and to be able to handle constructive criticisms. These are the people Cremoria wants, those that have the right attitude, not just skilled players.


How we play

Our core membership are Pvpers, but we realize that in order to hold territory to any significant degree, that we need gatherers,  and crafters.  We are pragmatists and not simple gankers, instead we take the political game seriously, and do not go to war lightly. We operate on restraint and clear cost benefit analysis before deciding who and how we target folks.

What we're playing

Currently we're heavily invested in Ashes of Creation. Outside of MMo's, we run weekly games of Stellaris, Smite, League, board games , and PubG.

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It's good to be back, I had handed off my crowfall division to someone when I was still in Pax, so that I could work on CoE.  Since my group is no longer a part of Pax, and since Pax also no longer exists as a community, I figured it was about time to jump back into Crowfall again.

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We're still around and looking for more cool folks to come hang out and game with us. At the moment we're jumping into Bless to get our large scale PvP fix while we wait for Crowfall soft launch.

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I'm looking forward to the next patch going onto live and a better new player experience with harvesting and seasons. We're still looking for more cool cats to join us to test Crowfall and play other games with our community.

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