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[BCO] Badger Company [US]

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BCO Overview

Hi my name is Brando, and I would like to talk to you about a military simulation group we here like to call Badger Company. Comprised of players that like to tackle the military simulated side of video games, the tactics, control, and discipline we deploy are all geared towards unique but realistic atmosphere. Although our final objective is to have fun, we demand a high level of discipline, maturity, and responsibility. Our game structure does resemble conventional armed forces. However we do not use a ranking system. Instead we assign roles and tasks to promote rotating leadership and teamwork oriented environment. The tactics we invoke come directly from the USMC's 0311. Whether you rather rock suppression abilities, nuke the be-jesus out of people, or exercise your team leadership abilities, there's a place for you here. So come and join a community for the players, by the players. We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.

BCO Crowfall

In Crowfall, Badger Company will assume a mercs-for-hire approach to campaigns. We will accept contracts from other kingdoms for aid in the varies campaigns. Needless to say we will not have strong alliance ties; highest bid gets to aim our Dakka. We will remain neutral on almost all fronts, usually picking the Balance side to fight for when applicable. This should prove to give us all a unique approach to the campaign system in Crowfall.

Who We Are


"How deep?"; "Balls deep!"

-Arma 3 footage, but the information is translatable to Crowfall.-

How To Join

Joining is simple; reply to this thread or hop on our Discord

Myself or Byakko(Bifrost) will be in touch.  As the game moves closer to release we aim to become more and more active.

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Its the ability for instance there may be points in a campaign that is long and drawn out "3-6 months" and there is an objective that your team wants and you don't have the player power to do so. We here at Badger Co. can be hired to assist in that fight allowing a victory in your favor. Our goal is to give an aspect and direction not normally found in the standard kingdom with the ability to do as we see fit keeping our members modular in all aspects of battle, and broadening our player interaction to more than one exclusive group. This is a PvP strategy game and we aim to be that wildcard in battle if used right could be that rolling tide other kingdom's would look for to be in there favor.

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