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Names Hilgo, Hilgodestroyer.

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Greetings everyone. Well, basically been using this username Hilgodestroyer for a while now, so I put it into here. I am like a lot of other people in this world. I am just looking for a MMO to call home. I saw Crowfall when looking around for a sorta strategy game. The graphics look similar to WoW so I was like hey, I didn't really play WoW to much. Kinda started into World of Warcraft late in my opinion so it never stuck. Some games I've gotten into are Wild Star(loved this game, if it wouldn't have became such a barren wasteland), Runescape, Destiny, and Diablo 3. A few other games like Ark Survival and Minecraft, so hopefully I can find success, honor and glory, or chaos and havoc in this game. I have other games, but I never really played into them to much. So hopefully Crowfall can become one of those few that I can play into end game with.(well end campaign i suppose)

Also want to point out xD I'm a huge Game of Thrones fan...and this game just might be my ticket to get that in game Game of Thrones feel. I've played on a Game of Thrones Ark Survival Roleplay server before. So it definitely would be interesting to see if any type of role play stuff is implicated into Crowfall.(I do realize there is the politics, so that should help in that aspect) Since it seems like a lot of games like GTA V and Arma 3 usually get a lot of players through role playing servers.

So I will be looking forward to joining you all in this great game. After watching Zybak play it, I might end up making a Half Giant Mymordian once it comes out. Since Zybak made it sound beast mode asf.

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