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Dauntless (Open Beta has started now)

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Buddy of mine gave me a key for it and I gotta say, its pretty fun. The combat is a bit slower and more deliberately paced than MH, and there's not much "hunting" as the game's monster hunts take place on a series of virtually identical floating islands.


But they ARE good boss fights, with combat that feels more like dark souls than MH, with a focus on learning boss patterns, 1:1 weapon hitboxes, and animation locking which makes attacks a commitment that can't be cancelled once a swing is started. Lots of rolling and stamina management and an overall slow and weighty feeling combat system. Also worth noting the developers recently pulled loot boxes out of their economy amid the recent AAA uproar, vowing to implement a "player first" microtransaction model for their free to play game on release. That new was what got my buddy to buy the pricey early access package that included the key he gave me.


The content is a bit threadbare, but they have a really solid foundation for a game here and unlike a lot of free to play stuff I can see the design of this game working really well as a constantly updated service-based thing just by adding new bosses every so often. If you like games that involve learning by failure with a combat system that focuses more on proper decision making than reaction time, you might enjoy it, but I'm not sure its worth its early access price with the amount of content currently in the game unless you really just want to support the developer.

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