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Crowfall Live! From Gamescom - Official Discussion Thread

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3 hours ago, Tinnis said:

You left dogget unsupervised?

This could inspire a major motion picture based on a true story. Not sure if it will be a comedy or a tragedy. But I'm thinking epic mash-up of Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Office Space.

The only question is which up and coming young actor will land the star-slot, And will the office burn down. 

This guy looks just like Dogget he gets my vote for the job





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Will it be possible to upgrade from 2017 backer bundle to the 2017 bronze bundle? the store gives me the option to do so, but fails because it would be a "negative upgrade"

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according to twitter, todays stream got moved to "9pm CET"/ 3pm central time. Live from the party.

It they didn't mix up CET with CEST (current summertime in europe=CET+1), this would be 3h45m from now.



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