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The Lantern Watch (Welcome Home)

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I'm interested in being a member. I recently pledged to Crowfall. I'm an oldschool Shadowbane player, if that counts for anything, and have been playing MMO's all my life. I also went to your website and registered (Name is GrinReaper). Hope to hear from you soon if you're interested. Thanks. 

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PLEASE NOTE - THE GUILD AS IS, IS DEFUNCT. Anyone still around, please message me and let me know your fates. I have requested a thread lock so it doesn't continue to get new people's hopes up. Cheers

I wouldn't say that.  We discussed it rationally with those involved and came to the conclusion that the situation wasn't for us.  

Wheres my popcorn gif, we don't even have a projected year for release date and we've got a touch of mud slinging happening.   I wish you guys the best in your new guild, glad to see likeminded peop

Welcome to the Lantern Watch Wormguy666. We are honored to be selected as your comrades in the CF universe. Now that you are in the guild, you have access to our forums and Slack Chat and will form your own opinion. I sincerely hope you come to the conclusion that you made a good choice.  I joined 3/1/15 and I know I made the right choice for me.


Thank you for adding your talents and experience to the LW.  We were strengthened today when your blade was added.

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See private message - ~P~


         http://crowfall.shivtr.com/  The Lantern Watch - A Crowfall-first guild. Welcome Home.

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I am in the process now of cleaning the thread. As posts are removed, the poster will be notified. Everyone is getting the same standard message:   


This notice is to inform you that your post(s) noted below has (have) been removed from this thread:


Please read this announcement regarding changes to the forum formerly known as “Guilds”, now “Guild Recruiting”: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/8993-about-the-guild-recruiting-forum/

Since your post was made before these changes were implemented, you will not receive a warning point now but further disruption of any thread in the Guild Recruiting forum will result in disciplinary action, including immediate suspension of your account with no further warning (depending on the severity of the infraction).  


We welcome worthwhile discussion on the Crowfall forums. Please post constructively.

Reason(s) for removal: 


Content removed (with original URL):


When I'm finished, the thread will be reopened. Anyone who causes further disruption of this thread--including members of the guild--by making off-topic posts (or responding to them) will be immediately suspended. 


Don't start nothin', won't be nothin'. 


UPDATE - 9-23-15/10:04 pm CST

Thread has been cleaned (again) and is now reopened. Stay on topic. Post constructively. 

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Welcome bud, get things filled out on the forum and jump in chat with us!

Do not wish it is easier, wish you were better.

A hero need not speak. When he is gone, the world will speak for him.

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I am interested in joining i have a question though do u plan to have different sides of the guild e.g. US - EU - OC or are you hoping to have a linked sessions between the different regions

Hey just Shout Bremmen and he will, Rise and Destroy the people you wish decimated :o

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Excellent question Bremmen.  The LW has not made a clear decision on this yet.  The things we're considering, naturally, are how many members do we have in each region around the globe, what size of a force within a Campaign World is sufficient to be competitive, and how tolerant are our player with the latency our members are experiencing.


I see that you set your location for North London, so I thought you might appreciate a map showing where some of our current members (~20%) reside.




Thank you for considering the Lantern Watch to be your comrades in the CF universe.

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         http://crowfall.shivtr.com/  The Lantern Watch - A Crowfall-first guild. Welcome Home.

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