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The Lantern Watch (Welcome Home)

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Just wanted to say, i like the logo =) and the guild format.


Best of luck.


I haven't settled on a guild myself yet, so will see how everything goes. There are a few i have my eye on though. (of which one of you are) 

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PLEASE NOTE - THE GUILD AS IS, IS DEFUNCT. Anyone still around, please message me and let me know your fates. I have requested a thread lock so it doesn't continue to get new people's hopes up. Cheers

I wouldn't say that.  We discussed it rationally with those involved and came to the conclusion that the situation wasn't for us.  

Wheres my popcorn gif, we don't even have a projected year for release date and we've got a touch of mud slinging happening.   I wish you guys the best in your new guild, glad to see likeminded peop

To all our members of the Lantern Watch.  


Please join me in also welcoming 2 new members to the guild, Elfboots and Crestone. Thank you both for choosing to become part of the LW community. 



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Hey fellow Watchers and Watcherettes,


Please welcome Sequ to the guild.



Sequ, thanks for selecting the Laternwatch as you new guild.


I see you come from the same part of the world as 7B our guild leader, must be something in the water there! Excuse the bad joke.


Welcome again.

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The mascot is a majestic owl, the name is plain amazing, and the people here are generally witty. Even if my application is rejected, might I be allowed a box of popcorn to enjoy the show?


Edit: This is also the first time I've been compelled to post in these forums. That's how entertained I am.

Edited by Odd Spin
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belated congratz to the ones who have joined that I have not spoken to yet in our chat channels, and ass for you Odd, popcorn is always welcome, though We are a pretty open guild I don't see a problem letting a Slime join the guild, unless you Ooze me...Then we will have words.

Edited by Dagur


The Lantern Watch - Keepers of the light

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Now this seems like a guild I could get into. I like that you're trying to keep forum greif to a minimum! More than that, you're welcoming casual players. For me, that's huge. With work, round' the house work, and the possibility of going back to school, I can't really commit to a hardcore guild where everyone is expected to show up on schedule, but I *love* being part of a coheisive team nonetheless.


Side note: Have you guys looked into Free Lands of Azure? They seem like a good bunch of landlords to sign up with, especially concidering the friendly nature of this guild- perhaps a fun way of keeping your enemies close.


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