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The Lantern Watch (Welcome Home)

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PLEASE NOTE - THE GUILD AS IS, IS DEFUNCT. Anyone still around, please message me and let me know your fates. I have requested a thread lock so it doesn't continue to get new people's hopes up. Cheers

I wouldn't say that.  We discussed it rationally with those involved and came to the conclusion that the situation wasn't for us.  

Wheres my popcorn gif, we don't even have a projected year for release date and we've got a touch of mud slinging happening.   I wish you guys the best in your new guild, glad to see likeminded peop

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Greetings everyone of the Watch.  I come before you as a humble newbie seeking to make my own place within this world.  Hopefully, we shall have many grand adventures and sing songs of triumph within the guild hall!  I look forward to seeing you on the battlefields as we earn glory and wealth for our lands!

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