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The Lantern Watch (Welcome Home)

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I might go Forgemaster if that's where certain crafting is hiding.  Hopefully crafting types aren't connected to certain archetypes.

I can't tell yet if it's an archetype or just a skill choice we put points into.  Do we really have to wait what is it 18 more days to find out all this stuff?

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No, then I had Joe Pesci go out and handle some business about this guy who thought he could take my city on Shadowbane. He needed assistance in seeing the error of his ways.

The never ending hallucination.......................let Iridian make you some tea, you will feel better, promise :)

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Hello members of the Lantern Watch. 


I see that Ellie has found a home for her stiletto collection. Excellent. 


Have room for a hedge rider in your ranks? I brew a lovely cup of tea. 

Welcome!  Always room for She Who Wanders in Delight.  Great to see you.

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