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A Crow has Fallen - Coolwaters


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22 minutes ago, Yoink said:

It would need to be on master of scimitars, and be the only heal they can take :-)

@thomasblair @mhalashace @jtoddcoleman

This is such a good idea, and would definitely be his number one wish. He was going on about it for weeks.

However, I don't think he would appreciate how easily he won this debate. Perhaps instead it should be an incoming healing effectiveness buff. 

Free Ginko.

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UDL sends our Condolences to his family as well as his family in Winterblades. Coolwaters Was a great Player for the Crowfall community. He always gave you a fight, he never talked trash in game or attack people in any way, he contributed on the forums and helped move this game to what is currently is today with his great testing skills. We will miss him.

We have known Winterblades for a long time and it hurts us to see one of their own fall. We too have recently lost a brother and it was hard for a lot of us. My advice to you guys is to remember the good times you had with him and play with the W tag that he would be proud of. Good luck to you guys.


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My condolences to your guild and his family. I hope you rally around each other and carry on his battle. I didn't interact with him very much but I know what it's like to loose a long time guild mate and friend.

Fire and hatred to you my enemy.

I wish you death if only for eternity.

But come let us battle again, once more.

To play and hate in bloodbath and gore.

Locked in an endless struggle

Tyranny is where will battle

What’s this? your absence is clear

Victory is mine you’re lost in fear

My time and efforts all vindicated

I win as I always indicated.

But now I know no pleasure

The fight and flight have come to a closure

What is this emptiness I feel?

My foe I need him to be real

This big world has become so small

The siege and perilous hunger, I miss it all

That enemy I’ve come hate

In cooler waters did he meet his fate?

The world is cold now, bitter than before

Winters come but his blade is at the door

Amazing battles, for now, are muted

I go forth remembering a Druid



Edited by Brightdance
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I feel like I missed a huge opportunity to interact with him over the past year.  I know his importance to -W- and what a great guy he was to play and talk to.  Tragic news.  My thoughts will be with all of his friends and family.


"Agelmar is King of the Hypocrites and Ruler of the Kingdom of Hypocrytia"

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Very sorry to hear of his passing. He was one of the first people in Crowfall to help me out when I was a new player, and was always fair and competent as a leader. In the short time I knew him, I trusted him enough to give him complete access to my account so he could keep my skills progressing while I was away for a month, which he did just as a favor. I will miss seeing him in game, and am praying for his family and friends.

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custardkkkkkk. Spent a lot of long hours talkin with CW over the last 2 decades, great guy and will be sorely missed. Wish we'd had better luck finding time to get together post-Shadowbane, my thoughts and heart go out to his rl and -W- families as they process his passing. RIP traveler.

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I've been struggling to find the words to share, but I will say this one simple thing.  Wes was so much more than a guild member.  He was a true friend.  He was there for me for everything that far extended past the game we were playing.  He was unequivocally selfless.  I miss him.



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In the name of Corvus Sanctus and myself, I want to give our condolences to his family, friends and guild members. I am very sad, that I have never had the pleasure of interacting with him personally and only having read many of his posts. As I have lost a close guild mate a few years ago in a different game and guild, I know how much of an impact this can be. I hope that Coolwaters lives on in his guild mates and that his family manages to get over this tragic loss.



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We just received this horrible news in Cologne. While we didn't always see eye to eye on matters related to Crowfall, his passion for Crowfall to me was clear. I can relate to that. His presence on the battlefield was also always leaving an impression of passion. Those times when he visited us on the EU server he was always giving us some good fights and a challenge. He will be missed, by all of us of Caldera.

My condolences to his family, friends and all of Winterblades. May he rest in peace.


THE most active European Crowfall community. Join us now!

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I am absolutely crushed. To my brothers in winterblades, please accept my sincerest of condolences. Cool and I have traded emails back and forth for 10+ years talking mostly about Shadowbane, Darkfall, and Crowfall. While he was the Sentinal advocate I was the Prelate advocate so the natural alignment of our classes led to many deep discussions about the holy powers of the All-Father. The battles between CS/X and WB were some of the most fun I had in SB. Cool was a genuine guy and great friend.

We will not forget you Wes.

IC/Founding Member - Team X Gaming

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This saddens me so much to hear. Cool was always most genuine person. I remember being shocked that he even remembered who I was and our conversations about Brazil that had happened years previous in comms playing Shadowbane. My thoughts go out to all those that were close to him. He will be sorely missed.

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