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A Crow has Fallen - Coolwaters

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I would like to name my Fallen Monarch or Fallen Hero backer reward "Coolwaters" after him if people think that would be appropriate. I just ignored the e-mail ArtCraft sent out asking for names but maybe they will still add it to the list.

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It is with the heaviest of hearts that I must announce that Coolwaters a.k.a. Charles Wesley 'Wes' Fowler passed away suddenly this past weekend. This has been a stunning and devastating loss to Wes'

He was certainly quite the character. A lawyer to the core of his being, his responses to forum warnings would put Clarence Darrow to shame, and still, in the end, we managed to wrap it up with a virt

Can we get a druid power named "Cool Waters"?  Druids were his thing, would be a good way to remember the fallen. He was involved enough in the early stages of CF that his legacy should continue. 

This news truly saddens my heart.  I have known Wes for years and he was a class act.  I have played with him and against him, and it was always fun.  Wes was the kind of guy you wanted to have around.  He will be sorely missed!  Till we meet again sir.  Rest in Peace.

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Really sorry to learn of this news. I've played countless hours with and against Coolwaters. I have nothing bad to say about this man, he was always kind to me, always treated people with respect and just genuinely my kind of dude someone you wanted to be around. No bad vibes, just good times always fun times with Coolwaters.

Fortunately I got to play against him recently here in Crowfall for the brief period of time I was playing with Soulein and Cyjax and -W- was such fierce competition, this clan had been training in beta before others had a chance to hit the soil and it showed. Coolwaters i know without even speaking to anyone about it, had a large part in this. He was a fierce competitor and I think it was more fun pvping with him than against him.

Not because I was worried about squaring off against him(this was always fun,) but it just felt as if poorly made socks always seemed to pop off when he was around and it was a always an amazing fight in Shadowbane. Someone above I saw called him a pvp magnet(in crowfall,) and this is just so funny and true to me because I witnessed it a bunch of times in Shadowbane my self. I will definitely miss this guy, my heart goes out to his family and friends, may God bless him, may he rest in peace.

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Peace to Coolwaters and comfort to his family and friends.  The caliber of player he was shined through in our many discussions over the years and the many times we crossed paths.   Farewell!


                                                        Sugoi - Senpai

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Ah man.

I'm very sorry to hear this.  I didn't personally know him other than his presence on the forums here during backing.  Always read his posts, seemed like a . . . Gamer who had some heart.

Condolences to his family.

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“Letting your customers set your standards is a dangerous game, because the race to the bottom is pretty easy to win. Setting your own standards--and living up to them--is a better way to profit. Not to mention a better way to make your day worth all the effort you put into it." - Seth Godin

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14 hours ago, mandalore said:

Can we get a druid power named "Cool Waters"?  Druids were his thing, would be a good way to remember the fallen. He was involved enough in the early stages of CF that his legacy should continue. 

I'm with Orleans on this one:

14 hours ago, Orleans said:

I don't think he would appreciate how easily he won this debate.

...and we have lots of "Name a Hero/place etc" submissions (including his own) to remember him by! What Coolwaters was always pushing for about Scim Druids and Discipline heals was the right way to do it anyway, so we should continue to push for that in his stead :) 

P.S. Grr Winterblades.


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Sad news. 
My condolences to his family and all his friends.

Catelyn: War will make them old, as it did us. I pity them.
Mathis: Why? Look at them. They're young and strong, full of life and laughter. And lust, aye, more lust than they know what to do with. There will be many a bastard bred this night, I promise you. Why pity?
Catelyn: Because it will not last. Because they are the knights of summer, and winter is coming.

A Clash of Kings, Chapter 22, Catelyn II.

Crowfall Discord Channels: international (english) - italiano

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I've just got hit by the news and it's really a strange feeling, not knowing personally someone but "knowing" that person by being one of the more passionate and active here since more than two years now. I often encountered him in game and seeing him so active on the forums, that's make me immensely sad to hear about such a loss.

I present my sincere condolences to his family and the Winterblades community, he will be missed, but still remembered :(:( 

Farewell fellow Crow 



Thelanas Kar'Pal Membre fondateur de l'alliance Naerth en 2001 - Ex Shadowbane European Advisor Damnation/Carnage/Vindication/Corruption http://www.twitch.tv/gorwald/profile

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Truly devastated. After having gamed with/around/against the -W- crew for an extended period of time, Wes was absolutely one of the reasons I joined their ranks as well.

Down to earth, a human, passionate, chilled, countless times that he would just chew the breeze and chat casually about anything/everything.


Struggling to reconcile the loss of a 15 year friend.

These kinds of posts should only be taking place in about 40-50+ years, when this group of guild members are all old, geriatric gamers sitting in incontinence diapers, collecting doobers in the "Crowfall 2057 - Platinum Return of the Guinecean overlord Edition" (tm).


RIP buddy - you passed doing something as lively as we all knew you to be.

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I, too, offer my meager condolences.

Too often I see people just "killing time" instead of really living.  Not him.  His was a life to be celebrated.  He clearly understood The Game and played it fully.

I hope I can live half as passionately!


Proud member of The Hunger

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