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Hiya Guys, I'm Cyg

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I recently heard about crowfall about a few days ago.

  After watching Alpha tester videos, Producer videos, and browsing the forums and official site, I was immediately in love. I've participated in a couple of betas here and there, and tend to back most newer games if I see potential in them, So I'm pretty hyped to see crowfall come to a head, since I personally feel like we're in the dark ages of MMO's with the pay walls and lack of developer/company transparency this game fortunately doesn't have. 

I'm 20 years old, and I'm a pretty avid gamer. I tend to gravitate more towards PvE content in games, but also thoroughly enjoy PvP. I'm generally a super friendly and helpful person, so don't hesitate to ask for my help in game if needed, or just drop me a PM to chat~


Cya guys in the realm!



"The Friendly Jackal"


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