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Crowfall guide: feedback wanted

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The purpose of this game guide is to give the bare bones basics for downloading, installing and getting your initial bearings in Crowfall. This is a 'living' resource that will require edits to keep it current as development progresses and things change. If you have the time and inclination, I'd appreciate your help in spotting typos and such. 

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Some feedback on the guide:

Playtest Access:

  • B-2: Maybe it would be nice if the 'groups' are sorted. Now they are just random written down in the list. I have a lot of rewards and the groups are hard to find. Maybe even make tabs for the different kinds of rewards? Like a tab for access, one for mounts, buildings etc.
  • B-3: I have a Beta 3 group in my rewards, so the sentence 'If it shows Beta 3 or later, you do not have playtest access at this time.' is not correct. Because I do have access after all.

Quick Start Guide:

  • VII. Configure Power Tray: Maybe put this step after 'X. Add Disciplines and Runestones'? Because you want to change your Power Tray again after you equipped the runestones on your playerdoll. And for the initial gathering you do not need any powers or do combat.


  • I-C: Add that the name they choose also is showing in-game as well as in the forums.
  • I-E: You can only gift after you enabled 2FA. This is not clear.
  • II-A: You can also follow the menu THE GAME > DOWNLOAD.
  • II-B: The text on the button says 'Get Download Links Now'.
  • II-C - Test Patcher: Maybe explain better about the staggered release, because for new players this will not be clear at all.
  • II-E: Should the default location of the game not be C:\Program Files? Because Crowfall is 64-bit only?
  • III-A: I think if you let people install in another folder than Desktop (or any other system folder) they don't need to start the launcher in administrator mode. But I'm not sure. I never had to run it like that and I installed the game under C:\Games\Crowfall.
  • III-C: There are more menu options, albeit some are disabled:
  • V-A+E: We don't really have characters anymore, but not sure how to make this otherwise clear.
  • V-F: It is key B to open the Spirit Bank, not S. Not sure how you guys walk backwards. ;-)
  • V-G-1: To actually edit your Kingdom it is ESC>Edit Kingdom, not ENTER.
  • V-H-1: See V-F.
  • V-H-2+3: Combine these steps into 1.
  • V-J: See V-G-1.
  • VI-B: Net yet able to customize anything. The vessel name will not even be visible in the game, so why bother?
  • VI-D: Sprinting only works in combat.
  • VI-F: The Spirit Bank now has import and export. Thus not really viable to use it anymore to transport items between worlds on a large scale. The line is not wrong, but people will run into its limits and might be confused.
  • VII-A-3+4. Better to combine these.
  • IX-F: Materials are not Resources. In Crowfall they are different. Resources you get from the nodes, while Materials you get at POI's. You cannot use Materials to craft. It is confusing as hell, but I didn't come up with the naming scheme! *I'm looking at you Blair*
  • IX-F: Blue is actually Rare, not Uncommon (green).
  • X-B: Add also 1 Weapon Discipline.
  • X-C-1: The disciplines at the bottom are test recipes and do not demand that much resources. Maybe make that more clear? Also, there are also Basic Disciples at the top of the list.
  • X-C: Add another step where you explain how you can replace a runestone. Aka, drag one out of the window, destroy it and drag a new one in.

Hope this helps!

Edited by Caenth


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Section VI. E

This section needs to be conspicuous and bolded.  Truly death and respawn deserves it's own title heading.

The summoning back your corpse at the big central statue is Very Unintuitive. Your first login teaches you to go to the class statues when ur a crow.

Most noobs experience their first deaths in CF as if alpha test is a full loot environment. This can lead to rage quits and negative word of mouth buzz--especially for the majority of gamers that aren't from EVE, Shadowbane or Darkfall.

Just my 2cps from reading noobs in global chat since October 2016.

Edited by angelmar
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This is really great, thanks so much! I'll comb through it soon as well. I was going to work on a FAQ this week, and here are the main questions I saw this past weekend:

Where do I bank?

How do I get a new vessel?

Where do I get leather?

Where's the action / Where is everyone?

What should I be doing?

How do I gather?

Why isn't my axe working?
(Press Z to exit combat)

How do you craft? 

What should I use for gear? 

What are the OP disciplines? 

How to recover health?

How do I get food? 

What are common builds?

Free Ginko.

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I Create Account

C. Username will be your ingame name (Will this be changed for release so that it is character name or will it stay the username which is displayed in chat?)

II. Download and Install the game

C. or D.: If you download both versions --> create two distinct folders

 V Create a Kingdom

F. Isn’t Spirit bank the “B” button and not "S"

You could also write something about Use of "alt" to display cursor (if it is not already mentioned) and about on the right bottom you see shortcuts and can change the size of the inventory window etc.

 X. Add Disciplines

E. If you added the discipline you cannot put it back into inventory.If you want to remove it you have to throw it away.


I hope it helps. I have just started with crowfall so excuse me if something is incorrect.

I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes


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