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The Dance


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That was a blast. Organizing the masses is really hard; we did much better in the duels against Order, but in these fights people were consistently out of position, which led me to bad places trying to save them. 

On the upside, the entire balance squad had been actively playing for less than three days, except for me. They had a lot of fun and got to see what factional and group PvP is like, I think we earned some converts. 

I didn't see the excellent pincer maneuver in the video that UDL used to wipe Balance during the first fight, will upload a clip later. 


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Free Ginko.

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That was a good time... the 8k Xarrayne death orb was HILARIOUS. 

I just don't like that with no reason to fight other than to fight and win (no time limit or poi to hold/protect) 3 faction battles are mostly spent rotating and backpedaling to try and not get sandwiched, with all sides looking for an advantage to exploit (such as when the others are engaged)

Good fights all, was a blast, this all started by doing some organized scrimmage fights with Balance which eventually led to these engagements. Nice work UDL folks, handled the situation quite handily.

As always, I look forward to more fights and action over the coming growth of this game


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We could create different win conditions. A few ideas:

  • A designated fort or keep, first faction to cap wins
  • No rejoins, last man standing wins
  • Capture the flag/hostage
  • Most resources extracted from POIs in a specific time (requires allocating some bodies as gatherers)
  • One faction fights another, and whoever lives fights the third (successive battles will lead to quicker iteration)


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Free Ginko.

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