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Meet the Half-Giant: Official discussion thread

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19 hours ago, blazzen said:

Minotaur frontal stun immunity isn't too shabby either. And we don't know what dwarves get yet. 

stuns isnt so strong in CF atm. most strong is silence and knockdowns (+ bugged animation also make knockdowns especially strong) which comes from distance and have mostly aoe effect

also there are passives which are very usefull for myrmidon in small scale (I believe what in CF mass pvp will be unavailable/unplayable for a long time) which regen HP after CC

since myrmidon have NO access to some good self heals (champs, templars, even knights have access) and required some skills to regen or more sustain, I do not think stun immun (from, LOL, front) any usefull compared to other skills in minotaur race kit for myrmidon

shame on designers

crowfall pvp makkonMyrmidon statement: Out of Fury

Discord makkon#8550

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