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Savage shamanistic race ?

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I heard about this game some days ago. I'm searching a new MMORPG to look, being a bit bored about WoW and GW2.

This game seems interesting, however i'm a bit disappointed about the available races. Fans of elfic race have 3 kind of elves, 4 if we count the fae. I generally despite elves and killing them at sight when the game permits it. In the other hand, I don't really see the "savage & hulking shamanistic/druidic race" archetype, you now like orcs, trolls, ogres, goblins, and so on. I always played an orc shaman at WoW and I search something like that in every games. Do you think there is a chance to see a new race like that later in devellopment ? Why 4 races for elves fans and 0 for orcishkind fans ? There is even 3 human races (human, nethari, half-giant), 3 beastmen races ... but no greenskins (or equivalent)... This seems a bit redundant no ?

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