Siege Testing 5.2.5

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This focus test will be on the siege system. Report bugs here, DO NOT send me the testing sheet! I will not collect those or look through them. Use the reporting structure below to report a bug.

Format :Test name on gird number. Description of the problem. Detailed Repro Steps

Example : Catapult Tests on B6. This is a description of how Chaos can use F to interact on the catapults even though they are defending. For example, when chaos is defending/the owner of the tree of life, we are able to interact with the attackers catapults. Repro Steps 1- Chaos should be the defending faction 2- Order should be the attacking faction. 3- When balance builds a catapult hippo at this location, 2345 2534, chaos is able to interact with it and use it.

Lastly, here is an attached video, gif, or screenshot!

Link to the testing sheet -  Siege Testing 5.2.5

Good luck bug hunting!

- Stumpstuff

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Version 5.2.5. LIVE 2017/09/01 20:42

Inventory is not showing collected items

Example : After gathering wood, the gathered wood is not shown in the inventory nor are items imported from the spirit bank. After reloging the previously gathered items show up in the inventory but the imported items from the spirit bank are gone. If additional resources are gathered after the relog, the same error occurs and they don't show up in the inventory - UNLESS there is already a stack of the specific item - stacks seem to grow as you keep on gathering resources.



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Posted (edited)

**Sorry, I should have PM'd this instead of water down the test results section.

I'm new to Crowfall as of last week and am not much interested in playing at this time, but I would like to test. This is the kind of testing I enjoy, where there is a Testing Grid (A couple roles ago, I was a BA, and created Testing Grids for our software).

Because this all requires more than 1 person involved, and on opposing Factions, as well as quite a bit of setup, can you help create a scenario where we can test this as efficiently as possible? I have both LIVE and TEST, and have an Order character in the current LIVE world. We would need access to the Resources required to initiate the Siege and to operate the Catapults provided. If you could also coordinate a resource to be the opposing player, that would speed things up. I feel like we could knock this off in a couple hours with Resources and the ability to reset a Siege.


Thank you,


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