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Hey ya'll, admittedly been a bit silent on this front. Wanted to see where the direction of Crowfall was headed before putting more work into this project. I felt I should just keep the updates centralized to the already existing Malekai thread, versus spinning up a new one. A few important updates are worth covering today:

  • Project Malekai, the open source project powering Malekai.org is no more. You'll see references to this phrase removed from everywhere as I find and track them down. What does this mean exactly? Most of our source code was public and intended for other Crowfall fans to hop in and help out. Going forward, only our "data" and "image" repositories will be public. This should allow most community projects to get off the ground. All of our data gathering micro-services have been moved into private repositories. No impact to our users is expected.
  • Work on the 2nd version of Malekai.org continues, albeit very little was done in the last 6 months. This will accelerate with 5.110 around the corner. You can see the current direction of the new version over here:  https://beta.malekai.org
  • A new team is currently working to accelerate the time it takes to patch content updates to Malekai.org. Expect new stuff to be posted in hours, not days (or weeks).

Finally, MalekaiBot, is now officially out of beta and is available to be invited to your own Discord communities for convenience. We plan on integrating a lot of new features on Malekai and the Discord bot will grant you access to nearly all of them. Special thanks to @Rufio and @Keaggan for letting us test it out on their respective servers. MalekaiBot currently offers the following core functionality:

  1. Subscriptions to the latest Crowfall news in your Discord. Be notified when new patches are released, Crowfall news posted to the Crowfall.com front page, and also when Developers respond to posts on this forum.
  2. Search results from Malekai.org directly in your Browser. While this feature is still rudimentary, it will allow you to theorycraft in the comfort of your Discord without needing to constantly go look up what stuff does. 

You can currently invite MalekaiBot to your servers, if you are a Discord server owner, by visiting https://malekai.org/invite

Thanks all for your continued support, we eagerly look forward to seeing you all in 5.110!




Edited by Scree
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