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7v7 -W- vs UDL at Chaos Temple


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Fun fight vs UDL.  Winterblades was roaming into Chaos beachhead but it was clear there weren't going to be any good fights with our numbers advantage.

UDL rallies and -W- matches their numbers for a set piece slug fest at the foot of Chaos' Temple.  

Good Fights All.  Looking forward to sieges this weekend!

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How is the "time to kill" in the testing now?  It seems like the heals keep up casters like a confessor up a long time even when focused.  I guess the OP admitted fight was "cagey" because it was a duel between guilds.

Nice fight and video!  Hope they get into beta soon.

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CF is very number sensitive. I'm not sure what ACE should do about that, but it seems incredibly important for them to address. If 8v7 means the 8 essentially always win, the game will not last long, IMO.

I'd personally like to see a reversion back to bigger HP pools, but keep heals small, making it very difficult to re-max hit bars. But, I guess that would mean no "fire-hose healing."

The other option, which I have long advocated, is to make it harder to hit but devastating when you do - especially at range.

There are probably middle points, and other options, all of which can be combined...but something needs to be done.

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