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Spreading Crowfall Love via Stream


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Hello all 0/

I'm Salzus some of you know me as Cookie, Cookiemonster, and a few of you my know me as Cookiemanbearbags (i'm looking at you @godshand ) Been following Crowfall closely from the beginning, participated in the Kickstarter and got in when the chance to invest popped up. It's a game that is similar to many of my favorite games, especially Shadowbane. The fact that both Gordon and Todd are on-board gives me great confidence in this game. I've been streaming Crowfall when the opportunity arises and have had a lot of help from the community and been doing my bit to pass this on where I can.

My twitch stream is: https://www.twitch.tv/thenoobie_sardar where you can find me answering questions and talking about the various mechanics of the game as well as being schooled :P



Before I die, I shall stand upon your grave and smile.

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