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inflation economy and race evolution


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When it come to in game currency almost all the game have this problem when one player set price too low so he can sell his item quickly. The price of that item will keep getting lower and lower over time since everyone want to buy cheap. 

Also one player will spend a lot to buy all the material cheap from one region then sell it expensive in other region. However other player will find this quickly and try to do the same method but with cheaper price. Now we have a bunch of seller try to sell item for very low price and we will encounter the same problem above.
Solution: making purchase and selling into a skill. Like if you swing your sword you will get better at it over time. Same method applies here, if you can sell and buy, you will increase your vending skill that can make you increase the price % if you sell it to NPC.
First season 3% is the highest profit you can make per purchase by buying or selling. If you can make a very good deal you increase 3% to 6%. This make you buy cheap and sell expensive, but not in the range of inflation when you can sell item very cheap. It should be a slow process so people will always come back to game when season end.
Character evolution
I watched the video of crow fall and I understand if you keep dominate over the years and years you will get bore. No body want to play because there will be one guild dominate server and even the dominate server guild won't be happy because there is no competition. I know everything character has is end game content, but reset everything is it a good idea?
How about giving race evolution with unique passive. Example: I played through 3 season and my character is still the same look as season 1, I know I can choose different race but if I just want to play 1 race there should be something interest about it that make me want to devote my time for my favorite character. 
This lead me to evolution race system. Say this season you played this much campaigns. My centaur will become something better than the rest of the centaur that just start this season. Changing in the appearance and player can choose to adding passive or make one skill stronger. This will make the game better.
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Welcome to the forums.

The economy is completely player driven and as far as we know there will be no NPC dealers, except of those the players themselves place somewhere with a choosen task (thralls). Being able to place those thralls, to enhance their efficiency etc. is indeed already a part of the skill tree.

I think you somehow mixed up the terms of seasons and campaigns. Campaigns will endure between 1 to 12 month. Every campaign has 4 seasons and will end after winter. There will be multiple campaigns you can choose and you can participate in more than one at the same time (but with different vessels & inventory).

Speaking of skills, you account is your character. The avatars you use to fight in the campaigns are nothing more but vessels. Those vessels will decay over time and by dying. So it is most likely that we won't be able to move through a campaign with only one vessel. You can use another centaur body, once your first one is destroyed, in order to keep your roleplay story intact if you want to. But it will actually be different bodies. And getting better vessels is an important part of the game loop. Most people will start with common vessels and try to get epic or legendary vessels to have better chances in the last big fights of the campaign. With every new vessel you can change the appearance. So, if you want to, you can give your newest vessel just a bit more grey hair or add a scar. That's up to you. During these campaigns your account wide skills will still grow, so indeed your will be better at the end, than in the beginning of a campaign. Just choose your skills wisely.

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