The truth behind the Crowfall Team

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I don't know if you recognized Todd's new picture in the team list, but when i saw it today, it instantly reminded me of something.



So i did some research, and indeed found some very well hidden pictures in the library of the Spartan University of Arts and Crafts that show him during his classes in

'pushing forward'



and 'coping with unconstructive feedback':



This undoubtedly explains a lot of the stuff people were always wondering about. The PvP and risk vs. reward focus of the game. Carefully considering which informations about the next steps can be shared, of course. The small team. Nevertheless being abe to accomplish a big task with few resources. Piercing bug after bug, thousands, while laughing at them, unbroken. The battle cry 'THIS - IS - CROWFALL!!!' And a lot more.

Looks good - just let's hope they find Ephialtes in time. ;)

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