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Wings, The Only Thing That Matters.

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Eh... okay.


An appropriate speed would have to be set for the pace of combat, how significant attack telegraphs are, how effective range projectile firing is and their ability to probably naturally beat air units, and so on.


Even though some player's can spin around super fast, that shouldn't be a demand placed on the entire game so players can enjoy moving around super erratically :-/


There are visual effect methods which can be used to make the character seem like their moving super fast, even though they are only going a fair distance over a given amount of time, like telegraphing your movements, so when your about to dash, there is a delay or indication to your foe, but afterward you arrive at your destination almost immediately.


The only other subject would be how much movement and sudden behaviors the gameplay engine could handle. In a huge battle simulation, there could be hundreds of players whipping around the field.


But I can't answer any of those uncertainties, I still don't have a grasp on exactly how their gonna handle gameplay and what their system can perform, it's all just deduction...

Nah, no need for telegraphs, in massive battles that crowfall will have (i think?) there would be a thick 10 layer of indicators/telegraphs on the ground, that would end up like: "what? oh wait, what, omg, oh fk this just standing still i dont even know whats going on", better not destroy the terrain view with mass of telegraphs...

I think a good animator(which i believe ACE got) can manage the "im about to hit you with a strong attack right.... now" to get visualized in the animation and direction of his face.


This would add a harder way to counter (but still easily work with training), and i believe most of the crowfall community hopes for a challenging combat, not a "oh well there you, want a cookie too"-combat a la WoW, Rift, Wildstar, etc.


The other option to avoid the "telegraph-terror" is to use ground effects, more like particles or something, they could be not so agressively, smaller and even smoother to "feel"-visually whats going to happen. You get it?



I HATE FLYING MOUNTS, because you easily can evade confrontation and ambushes, /dislike for flying mounts, destroyed open PvP in WoW

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Flying, while cool, takes away so many things from a game like this (in my mind). Things like terrain advantages, city walls, and just the environment/world in general gets smaller / has less of an im

j todd coleman said on twitter:  

LOL   I was referring to riding them as mounts. 

 Instead it would be awesome if she had some skills that allow her to circle strafe/lunge with assistance from her wings so she could suddenly move to the right or left side of a target in front of her. If she does it twice, she's all the way behind them, this kind of agile use of mobility is a particularly good feature in an action game where aggression and abilities have to be manually directed. Certain Archetypes which might rely on directional control like a shield user would have a horrendous time fighting against this technique in a duel...

This is exactly what I was thinking.

As opposed to aerial combat she'd have jumps and leaps and dodges to keep away from enemy attacks.

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I was thinking the same thing welf, I heard reference about ground telegraphs so I'm hoping that can be subverted, but telegraphs should exist in different proportion based directly on character movement.


If they make a good control and readability scheme, they could develop some really interactive and reactive combat without a bunch of artificial colors which will just be lost in a kaleidoscope of flashes in big battles. My next big suggestion will be on this subject.


This is exactly what I was thinking.

As opposed to aerial combat she'd have jumps and leaps and dodges to keep away from enemy attacks.

I think that is a great feature, but with more features being revealed about the gameplay, it's becoming more and more practical for Fae to plainly fly.


Gunicians will be below the battlefield digging, already making the battlefield 3 dimensional. Flight is much easier to prepare and negotiate with other archetypes. Both Fae and Guinea are also specialist and referenced as light and easy for a Centuar to brush aside, so it's clear their meant to operate on a separate plain of battle.

a52d4a0d-044f-44ff-8a10-ccc31bfa2d87.jpg          Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes... Than if they're upset, they'll be a mile away, and barefoot :P

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This will come across aggressive possible but did any of you play Shadowbane?  I played both an Avian Thief and an Avian Scout.  I could fly on both and it was by no means overpowered. 


I could Kill from the Air, sure and I could fly over walls, I could fly over content that others could not, I could fly stealthed as well. 


Was I OP?  Hardly.  It added a great dynamic to the game because we were the scouts for our ground troops.


Where there other Non Flying Thiefs and Scouts, probably more than flyers.  Why?


Because both my skills and my flying and running and most everything took Stam.  While yes, I could shoot you from the air and you could not hit me unless you used spells and unless you use ranged both of which most did.  I could only shoot you for a small time, not enough to kill you normally and then I fell to the ground.  To top that classes could steal stamina and you could get stamina stealing procs on weapons so I often was on the ground WAY before I wanted to be.


I could then Not Attack, Not Stealth, Not Run, Not Guard and about all I could do was Die.  Sometimes people would let me live long enough for me to be able to fight back with a little stam but typically they stomped me into the dirt.  It worked fine and honestly it is the one thing I want back in the game.  I could fly but it was limited to my stam and I did have a stam build so I could scout for quite some time without any problems of being seen.


If I chose to attack anything at all I would have to land, stealth, regen stam and then move out to make an attack on the ground.


Trust in the developers guys, they truly have done a great job in the past and that is why I backed.


Shadowbane / Server: War / Guild: DHL / Thief: Yin / Scout: Plexiglassdragon

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Might still walk around and simply use the wings in swoop attacks or some evasive skills. That'd be a let down but its more likely than having her fly wherever, after all, boots are made for walking.

There could be limited flying to where it uses a form of energy that way it wouldn't be the smartest to fly into combat

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Aye, no more perfectly balances classes. Lets move to fun and interesting.. I like that the centaur is an actual horse that runs like one. The fae should have, maybe somewhat limited, flying abilities. Great scouts they'd make. Worried about a fae guild siege? Maybe a pure fae troop would get annihilated on the other side of the walls because other classes are ready to defend. We know that not every class will have an equal fighting chance with every other archetype. All a champion might have to do is pummel a fae into the ground.


An unbalanced approach to the game would add a really interesting dynamic to Crowfall. Like a strategy game where everyone works together and changes tactics depending on the situation.

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I seriously doubt there will be "aerial combat"...


i'm more thinking that assassins might have a few mobility advantages that might compare to the DUELIST underground tunneling... or perhaps some movement mechanics, (like a charge or distanced dodge to get out of bad situations)

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Kirito.Eugene.pngIf we all mount wings the game will turn into ALfheim Online


Yeah, except I'm talking about Fae Assassin in the Fae Assassin forum, excluding all other Archetypes for the most part.


I'd really like to see them make a quality flight system, for virtually only the Fae Assassin.

a52d4a0d-044f-44ff-8a10-ccc31bfa2d87.jpg          Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes... Than if they're upset, they'll be a mile away, and barefoot :P

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The way I see wing usage is simple.


Wings have it's own skill.

Wings allow you to glide.

The better the skill the slower your decent.

Wings allow you to initially jump higher to give you that gliding lift.

The better the skill the higher you can initially jump.


This gives the Assassin much more movement around the battlefield without it being overpowered. It also gives builders a reason to make towers or taller structures to give Assassins a better advantage in defence.


If there is no full stealth then works as a Shadowstep as suddenly you are up in the air and moving quickly to a different location.

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The way you see it has nothing to do with balance, flight doesn't mean you win whatever objective you face when you land, if you don't get shot down. with serious asymmetrical character diversity, being in the air alone doesn't mean you are somehow godlike... 

a52d4a0d-044f-44ff-8a10-ccc31bfa2d87.jpg          Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes... Than if they're upset, they'll be a mile away, and barefoot :P

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