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Faceware in Gaming (char mimics current player expression)


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Hi there.

So, this year at Gamescom, Star Citizen showed a little video including the use of faceware. The general tech is already known for years, but afaik it's the first time it is used this way.

Which way - what is the plan?

In short: You can activate the ingame faceware system and allow your webcam to scan your face. Then

  • your characters face will show your own facial expression without (much) delay. So if you smile, your character will smile. 
  • if you move your head to any direction, your ingame viewing angle will follow the movement. So if you sit in a cockpit and turn your head to the left, your ingame view will turn to the left window.
  • if you speak into your mic, others will hear your voice, depending on in which direction and how far away your character is. So if you are far to the right of someone, he will hear your voice quietly from his right side.



The gamescom presentation of SC shows a lot more of this - and in ingame environment. I think it's an interesting piece of technology that might change a lot.

What do you think about this technology? Like, dislike? Awesome, rubbish? Will it have a future in gaming? Or is it one of those things that will be forgotten soon?


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If they developing that tech good and with less bugs, I would fall in love. Games like the gta v RP Mod have that based on voice. We have to see if they not wasting time and money.

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I can see it now . . .


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