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Greetings, Dudes.

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Hello one and all!


So not sure if I'm completely sold on this game being revolutionary but I'm hopeful. I'll be weighing in on the feel of it all: teases, future beta (hopefully I'm in), and the community itself. Looking forward to meeting new people as well as continue to build on previous relationships from other games.


I've been playing MMOs for about 7 years but games in general for 16 years. Some of you from the Kingsisle community will recognize me. It's Alric Ravensinger, Community Leader and Official Fansite owner of The Petnome Project and Petnome Pirates. I have a tendency to play RPGs but I've played a bit of everything from Mario to Resident Evil, Pokemon to Everquest, God of War to Banjo Kazooie. Current games include: World of Warcraft (WoD), The Elder Scrolls, Hexic, and a tiny bit of Diablo.


I'm very passionate person in general, tend to debate but I always keep it friendly -- kinda. Other interests include cooking, photography, and I absolutely love the outdoors especially the mountains and deserts of Arizona where I'm from. I live in Texas now with my awesome girlfriend but I'll always miss home. (Go Wildcats!) I love reading, writing, and I like discussing culture/customs with folks especially friends from across the pond.


Hope to see y'all around the forums.




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Hey man! Welcome to the Crowfall forums!~ So far from what i have read it def has peaked my interested. Seems you are pretty experienced and have been in a leadership role before which is great. If this game is truely gonna be a game of thrones simulator we need experienced leaders. We will def find out soon enough what this game is all about. Enjoy yer stay in the forums.

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I don't want to kill more rats, fill another experience point bar or collect another meaningless badge. I want to play a GAME against PLAYERS, where my actions, my decisions and my SKILL will determine if I win or lose. Allies. Enemies. Alliances. Betrayal. risk. Conquest. To compete with THOUSANDS of other players for a chance to claim the THRONE. Even if i lose, the experience won't feel hollow. I don't want another worthless trophy.


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