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I'm launching https://crowfall.vidyawiki.com wiki in its first iteration today! It’s a custom-made wiki build from the ground to fit Crowfall’s needs. 

Keeping track of Crowfalls fast development speed with several hundreds of powers, disciplines, and items is almost impossible for a conventional wiki.That’s where my Wiki comes into play and bundling all the data collected in a community-wide effort with the usual things you would normally find on a wiki like in-depth articles about game mechanics.

What can it do?
Basic Features
•    WYSIWYG focused (no markdown)
•    Embedding of HTML syntax
•    Unlimited page revisions
•    Recent changes
•    Colored side by side diff support
•    Uploading and embedding of images via drag & drop
•    Automatic highlighting of broken interwiki links
•    Content can be categorized in namespaces
•    Extended Access Control Lists
•    Nested commenting
•    Activity feed
•    Fast full text search by algolia
High Usability
•    Easy navigation through breadcrumbs
•    Embedding of Content
•    Automatic update of interwiki links
•    Templating system
•    Table of Contents widget
•    Youtube integration
•    Footnote widget

It's not 100% finished and some things may be broken so please be patient.

How can you help?
By reporting bugs and providing feedback here or on Github. I appreciate everything that would help me to improve the usability, design or general tips.
Currently, the wiki covers all classes and races as well as most recipes, disciplines, powers and recent patch notes in about 450 pages but there is still a lot of information that needs to be gathered, like articles about:

  • Eternal Kingdoms
  • Parcels
  • Campaigns
  • Campaign maps
  • Combat
  • Economy
  • Crafting
  • Creatures
  • Housing

just to name a few. Keep the content close to how it currently works in pre-alpha since the final vision of most features can already be found in the official faq.

if you just want to play around with the editor you can use the sandbox.

Special thanks to:
the guys at Malekai.org for providing all the class powers as API.
CytheS for putting together all the crafting recipes and Orleans for putting everything into a JSON format. 


Crowfall Wiki


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