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On ‎09‎.‎09‎.‎2017 at 5:43 PM, Leud said:

When is planned to start the alpah ?? 

In short: We don't know yet. 

Getting deeper:

Backer level (which is to say: test access level) dont correspond to the "state of game development" level, though. The current stage of development is Pre-Alpha 5.2 with 5.3 being expected soon. The current backer level that entitles you to participate in the current tests is Beta-2. 

Pre-Alpha stage means that the tests will only contain parts of the future game (= no complete game loop). Alpha is aiming to contain the basic functions alltogether. Beta will be finetuning and completion. 

Crowfall is aiming to reach soft launch (= no more resets) about the end of the year, maybe a little bit later, since adopting the game to player demands has a high priority for ACE.

The next thing to be published/tested is the race/class split and the graphics overhaul (PA 5.3). After this, and currently in development, the secondary systems will come online (guild support, mounts and such). It is probable that we can expect these to be presented to the general community somewhen in october. 

Putting all of this together and assuming that those systems are the last ones missing, Alpha can probably be expected somewhen in november or early december.

Hope this helps.

Have fun, good luck



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