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Commentary: Skill Tomes Pay to Win? Time Banks, VIP Changes, and Skill Tree Redesign


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Talking about the Crowfall Patch 5.3 skill tree redesign and some of the big changes they've made to the skills system. The addition of time banks seems to be a well received change across the board. VIP is still very valuable and non-VIP players are much less punished due to the time bank system. The only real controversy is the skill tome system which allows players to trade their skill training time with other players. This is intended to be a catch up mechanic but has some worried about potential pay to win. After seeing the math people have done and seeing Eve Online do a similar system I don't think this will be much of an issue. However I think the system would be perfect if they limited the amount of skill training you could have to the duration the game has been live. This would insure that the skill tome system would only be used as a catch up mechanic and not a "get ahead" mechanic.


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I'll watch the video in a second, but I just want to mention that I saw a flaw in the idea to limit it to the amount of training the game has been live: People with VIP will have more total time than this. The first solution that comes to mind would be account for the time people had VIP, but that sounds like pay to win again. After some thought I'm against this idea. their way of adding a diminishing return is best, although I wouldn't only apply it on how deep you are in the tree (as they said they would in the video if I remember it correctly), but  also on how much time you've trained in total. Thus making it even  less abuse prone. But then again, I haven't really thought it trough, just like when I first thought that "to limit it to the time the game was live" was a good idea.

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Good discussion as usual, Zybak. Personally, I don't think it's a huge deal either. My major issue was the VIP combat double dipping and Todd already stated they will address that, so I'm cool with this system as it is.  However let's not be fooled. There's still other ways to double dip into combat stats, just not as easy as before - although easy is also relative, it all depends on how much money you're willing to put into the game or how smart you are with RMT ventures to turn that into in game power. 

Also I'll be honest, I never liked the EVE monetization system to begin with, so the fact CF is mirroring EVE isn't exactly great for me. But I know there's a bunch of people who love that stuff, so whatever. Personally, I always disliked skill injectors as a catch up mechanic, it's a system ripe for abuse of all kinds. Does it break the game? Probably not. But it makes it lose credibility for me. Because I have seen other games do monetization in ways that leave zero room for abuse and I know it's possible to do so. EVE is just grey areas and blurry lines all over the place, and I'm just avoiding to use the term P2W, because that's exactly what I think it is.  :P

At the end of the day it's not a huge deal, as long as the game manages to nail combat and performance by soft launch I'll be more than happy. However if combat balance, mechanics, performance and whatnot are still shaky after launch, this "sketchy" skill system will just compound the problems for me. 

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On 9/11/2017 at 10:31 AM, Rikutatis said:

EVE is just grey areas and blurry lines all over the place

EVE in general is just one big grey blurry line. :P

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