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Forum Screen Name Change - Feb 5Th Has Past

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When we first joined these forums, we were to be able to fix our screen name on February 5th.


But a few hours after the forums started the option to change it was removed.


Please re-instate this option so I can fix my dumb name! :)



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The reason why this isn't available right now is because we are using a single sign on (SSO) connection between our website (crowfall.com) and the forums (hosted by invision). 


A simple change on the forums won't hold, thus we are in the process of building a display name change handled by our website- which will replicate over to the forums. This is taking a little while because we have several other major improvements to the site to do. 


However, it is on its way! 

Tully Ackland

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. 

Follow us on Twitter @CrowfallGame | Like us on Facebook

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