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Pre-Alpha 5 Live for September - Official discussion thread


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Jon I thought that was a very good presentation. It was professional enough to get the interesting points across the communication gap, but laid back enough to feel like a fireside chat with friends.

I really could play Crowfall with the environment the way it is right now, but I'm glad ya'll are paying attention to the details that give us a living world with added interest and panoramic intrigue.

From my perspective I wouldn't spend too much time on nighttime mode going for that survival game feel of total blackness. This is a PvP game and while it might be fun for immersion to traipse around in the dark with a torch, the first time I got my teeth kicked in by a player I can't see, but who can see me just fine, I'm immediately reaching for that Gamma slider every time the environment cycles to full night. Sorry but I ain't giving up any advantages in a full loot world with a complex and time consuming crafting system. Unless of course you just wanted torches to give us night vision, radar, and power buffs for the sake of a different game play experience only. But more complicated systems would be needed for us to shoot and hack each other in a green glow, and your development time is precious right now.           

Also it seems to me like you have matured into a master of the Unity Engine, maybe I have it wrong and you always were, but I took note of what seemed like more confidence in your comportment when talking about your part in making Crowfall. 

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