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I do not like how gathering in Crowfall makes me feel

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On 5/20/2019 at 7:50 AM, srathor said:

Thanks for the advice. But. please check the date on the original post. That was after I was already playing for 9ish months. :)

I have been around while. 

Maybe it will help some one else. :)

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Just to add a point, regarding Gathering experience from different Server games, like WoW and Albion Online and GW2 for playing online games around 8 years.

1. Gathering tools, I should having in my bag, no need to equip for using

2. Stamina, just make gathering not fun and make farm slow and not fun.

3.I play this game online for gathering and xp is zero. it seems this game for only one type of players pvp.

4.Tools durability, losing the tool for every 10 trees I cut, even in real life never happen. 

5. many type of trees and quality, in crafting quality only matter, so no point make variety.


The game become complicated for players to get fun, comparing to other MMO games,  lack of fun and strategy in economy has huge mix.

Manger of Crowfall has to be determined in which community they want to bring attention .

Three type of players in all Server games,  Gathers + Crafters + Fighters

For the gather , game is so pain to progress, because of lack of inventory management and lack of important of the resource

For the Crafters,  there is no one Market place to sell or buy players items , to make economy flow 

For the Fighters, only go compagin or camp some players , Hard work to find better weapon and armor to enjoy different set.


I played this game only for 6 days, and the game  in all positions is no fun. it is unlike other games


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