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Introducing Minke (English Community Manager)

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Hi there fellow crows!


I’m Minke and am the English Community Manager for Crowfall.

I work for Travian Games and have been working for them for the past 7 years as a CM for our American and International domains. I’m here to gather the good, the bad and the ugly and use it to serve the community and the game as best as I possibly can.

Some might call me a nerd, others might not. I enjoy playing games just like the rest of you and besides that I’m a big fan of anything related to biology and science.

In Crowfall I’m enjoying the crafting and all the recipes and combinations it allows me to create. Creating and designing EK’s and big structures is something that is right up my alley.

Nice to meet you all and if you do see me in game, try not to kill me TOO fast!




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1 hour ago, KrakkenSmacken said:

How does this work between you and Pan?  Will you be taking over some of the forum monitoring?

It's not so much 'taking over' but more sharing the workload. English is the biggest chunk of our community and an extra pair of hands and set of eyes is beneficial.

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