5.2.8 Playtest Feedback and Bug Reports

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Hi, I just downloaded the game and only downloaded the Live version. I can set skills to train and I can log into US West server fine.

Firstly, the music is occasionally on, most of the time it doesn't start. However, the skill sounds and the environmental sounds (like the cracking of stone) works.

I'll mess around for a few minutes. But within 5 minutes my PC will crash and say it needs to restart. I'm running Windows 10. (Dunno if this information helps but it's been doing this with my League of Legends as well over the last couple of days). It usually happens just as I'm doing something... new? Like the first time I crafted a staff it crashed. Then I succeeded in crafting the staff but when I pressed a skill button it crashed.

It has crashed before logging in only once. It seems however to make my PC restart and that means I'm not able to send a crash report over. I have sent some of the crash reports over as it does not always restart the computer.

Anyway, I know the game is meant to be buggy so no worries there. Just wondering if there is some kind of Windows 10 update that has decided to screw around with my online games. And if there is a way around that?

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healing on a non support is painful

my templar: naiad healing fountain on advanced sword takes 5 pips and heals for 50 a tick

my templar ended up repeatedly getting their "parrying buff" stuck on for the full 30 second duration regardless of other actions or pip consumption. gave me perma self movement snare, mitigations, cc immunity, incoming pip generation and counter attack procs...

xjt7UEY.png > CHWYK8e.png

on another clip when i had this parrying buff stuck combined with an enemy 'slowed' or 'daze' effect i basically couldnt move until the slow duration ended...

p.s. what do "parry stacks" do? rkCe6vV.png


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LOCAL BANK / Chests targeting and opening......

I am sure this has been brought up in the past... but just a refresher


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