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I Just Want Shadowbane 2 Lol

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I think Crowfall actually comes closer to what Shadowbane was supposed to be in a way which Shadowbane itself was ultimately unable to live up to. The political aspect of Shadowbane died off after the

Just went into the general discussion/suggestion box threads for 5 minutes and I already don't want to go back.   "Why does someone need to lose in PvP?" "We should have reputation. People should t

lol, it was war?  It was a game.  It simulated war better than any other MMO to date [Edit just to say, not even this tbh if you take into account WWII Online], but equating "win conditions and rules"

  • 4 weeks later...

First groups:

Group 1 - Shadowbane vets

Group 2 - W101 folk

Group 3 - completely new


Current groups:

Group 1 - Shadowbane vets that don't think CF sucks yet

Group 2 - Shadowbane vets that think CF sucks

Group 3 - W101 folk

Group 3 - still new


Current Group 1 checking in. I'm the harshest critic I know on MMOs (I'm sure not on here, but among my former guildies and IRL) but this game gives me hope. What am I missing guys?


i'm seeing a TON of possible "choices", but can't tell how many are actually "meaningful"...


This. Sure, I have this concern too among others, and having meaningful consequences in SB was huge, but most of us rolled out to find combat and loved it all the time anyway right? Combat was amazing because character specialization and gameplay were deep and focused. Character customization is always the biggest sign that an MMO won't work for me. Sure, winning and skill is satisfying in most things but having the ability to engage in more intricate tactics is more rewarding.  


Can I kill a zealot with a 6 pool and not loose a zergling by micro dancing? Yeah. Is SC2 a micro game? No. Personally it's much more satisfying to co-op win by funneling units via sentinel into an ambush my buddy laid or anything remotely clever irrespective of skill, skill which obviously has to play a role at any high-level competition.  


Can I run around and CS and 1 tap heads off? Sure. It is satisfying? !@#@ Yeah. Is that why I want to play an MMO? No. 


For me, character versatility with viability is HUGE and I think this game might go there. Todd indicated that direction in a rerolled youtube vid.


I guess there is some confusion from the two different main camps here.  Group A says they haven't seen Dev post's that directly state thing's they are opposed to and are more hopeful that the things they want are implemented.  Group B ,which I am in, assumes the worst because of what they aren't saying.  They are specifically leaving out stuff and that's what has me concerned, it's like they are constantly giving me forum blue balls.


1.  I really, really don't care the "little to no healing", there is a definite skill set to support characters and I for one think it's crucial.  I'm kind of bound to the idea of healers but that's from tabletop RPG's.

2.  That whole lobby EK thing kill's my potential murder boner. 

3.  The Speculation Game would have worked for a few weeks but this 60 days hogwash is starting to make me rethink playing. 


1. Todd does address this in the same rerolled video. It's interesting and actually assuages my concerns but my MMO exp tells me (off the top of my head) healing is:


A) Integrated into self-sustainability but otherwise irrelevant at the individual combat level

B) Nice utility and occasionally crucially advantageous in small group conflicts

C) Abso-@#$#-lutely standard in large confrontations, but sometimes unneeded or functional as utility


Considering C, is having small healing utility disparate in a large conflict? Yeah, some will probably try and squeeze out healers anyway. But, I like what Todd proposes here; I guess like Doc says on what's meaningful, the devs will have to prove this to us.


2.  Vandarr had an interesting response to this also. And yes, this scarred the hell out of me initially and was almost a deal breaker during my initial exposure to it. But, the more I hear Todd and the crew talk about the game and how everything we want is in the campaigns... the more I acclimate to the idea. Do I want permanence? Maybe. But is 6 months enough to build nations, conquer everything, have a home, lose it, make a new one, kill everyone, get tricked by Doc's smoke and mirrors politics? I suppose it comes down to pacing. I loved Oblivion beta and that was short, known as such, and awesome (oh MoM lol). 


I may love three month or less campaigns. I'm more comfortable right now with the idea of campaigns of six months to a year. Is a year not long enough for everything to change? Hell, I moved servers in SB quite a bit and Server Ups were some of my most memorable times. Once the land is claimed and the political climate is less malleable the conquerer's dream fizzes a bit.


3. Yeah. Rough.



For me, the "meaningful" in SB came from the conquer's dream: that being good enough and clever enough could impact the world in a huge way with everything you and your guildies own at stake. But I mainly just loved killing people with toons no one had ever seen. Like killing a half dozen groups at once at a bane with one (High D, Big Bomb, Sentinel spec with Wizzy tele). Can I have something like this please?


If anything the physics and movement scare the hell out of me. Point-to-move forced strategy as the chief combat agent. Granted, I was a CS player so I should want something demanding twitch competency, but I worry what it might detract from. Those rare skill moments (an epic play in a MOBA, a series of perfect setups and shots in CS, a stupid stupid but amazing dance off kill in an RTS) are phenomenal though, so perhaps Crowfall's vision will be an formative and fulfilling marriage of strategy and build/use/tactical skill and mechanical/twitch skill.



*Deep character specialization

*All about fighting for victory by destroy people's stuff and killing really cute players named Skorpion (have you shown up yet?)

*One. Big. Unsafe. World. (at a time lol)

*Presumably, the political landscape (something like nations, subs, guilds, ownership) applies to Campaigns as well? Regardless, we stake claims on land


What am I missing guys? Why the hate from SBers that are hating? I just got to this party. Fill me in. Trust me, I'm cynical, make me a hater... I'm curious.

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I'm stoked. Shadowbane was my favorite game but this game looks like a worthy replacement! I like that this is a campaign game. Part of why SB did not succeed was not having something to keep people who were losing to buy into the system.


So sure it's not SB 2 but it's the closest thing I've seen talked about in a long time and likely the closest thing any SB fan will ever get to what SB offered.


I can't wait. TY for Crowfall!

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