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The dawning of a new day


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My first shot at creating a new character in this chaotic world , filled with battles and trades , where the living tend to clash and band together. In a world, where there is nothing save, not even the beginning of the next day, nor the cozy sleeping place in the night. If u go alone, be warned, it's very dangerous. But going in numbers, doesn't mean it's safe. There's always something - hiding, lurking in the shadows, just waiting for it's chance.

Maybe u are seeing it already, maybe u can even feel it.It isn't paranoia, when they are after u, is it? Or are they already behind u ? What is that feeling on ur throat ? Didn't u hear a crack just a second ago? And that ominous feeling u had, when u got ready to go out, was it a forewarning ???

All we know is that stories begin and eventually come to an end. For us, it's not important when and it's not important how, for everybody dies and only the living can tell the tales.

Is it a good one ? Or a bad one ?

Does it leave u shivering with excitement ?

Or trembling with dread ?

What did u expect, when u came here, full of wonder, full of energy, just bursting to hear a new tale, maybe even create one of ur own . One step after another, or are u already running? The lions don't run. They are up the earliest, waking with the rising of the sun, not fearing what is to come, not really afraid. They are the danger, they are strong, they are feared. If there is a time, when they start to tremble, they will still push ahead, for there is more at stake, then just their survival. For they rise, to hunt and to find, what can be theirs.

Rising before the others do. Rising to survive, rising to go further and behind that what others can see. To get even one step closer, they will be there first, so others can follow. For the group has to survive. For living cannot be achieved if there is no survivor and surviving is not done, by being lazy, by cuddling together all the time. Somebody has to take the steps necessary, somebody has to scout, somebody has to explore. Somebody has to find the frontiers of the unknown and step behind that, which is known. Somebody has to rise at the dawn of a new day, when everybody else is still visiting other worlds, unaware, uncaring , but maybe afraid, even in their state.

Survival, everything else will come . For that is, why we rise. That's the reason why I rise, alone, in the dark, at the crack of dawn, before anybody else does. That's why, I start moving. Slowly, steadily faster, maybe unsure of where to, but always ahead, aware of the ways and turns i took, of the land around me, of the souls that I saw, of the marks I passed. I didn't miss the prey before, I let it live, for there are more to walk on the paths that I create. I don't take everything I see, but I don't forget it, I remember. I'm alive .

I can feel this tree, I can feel the frosty morning wind and the earth under my feet, I can feel the clothes on my skin and the armor on top of it, even tho it weights nothing, compared to those the knights are wearing . I can feel my weapon, for it is an extensions of my will. I can feel the need to defend those, that will come after me, for I am the scout. The eyes and the will of the group, merciless, not judging, but aware. The shadows of the leaves are creating a nice spectacle around me, as I feel the aliveness of the forest. It's breathing , It's waking,slowly, too slowly. I am here and I was where I needed to be, I saw and I acted, as I always do, as I must.

The scout's way may be lonely sometimes, but also beautiful. It doesn't matter who u are,or that u where not born a scout, that u learned other skills. As long as u create a path for others, as long as u find a good route and warn the group of danger.

Ur race does not matter, ur believes don't matter, just ur skills and ur determination, to do what is needed, when others can't, to achieve what seems impossible to others, to grasp every chance that comes ur way. Always seeing, always remembering, always living in that moment.

And when u go and lay down, the others will watch over u, as u did. For u provide, what others can't. For u don't take the spotlight, but still shine. For u are there and always know. The hunger comes. It is up to u, to help the group to survive.

Balance is true, but there is still hope.

And there might still be tales, afterwards. For long times. Times that have yet to come. Possibilities that have yet to be created. But they will only come, when every moment is used and lived in, cause for we live now. We create Now. We shape Now. We make it Now.


What is going to come?`I don't care. That's for others to see. I find today's paths.



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