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Eks during testingphases


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So, as I'm having a bit of time again and decided to use my time to set myself up in crowfall, I was beginning to wonder,how to spend my time in CF.

Obviously we do have the two different clients during the assigned testing phases and as far as I understand it, starting tomorrow, we do have the test client up again.

Or are both clients online at the same time?

Will the EKs be enabled during the testing of the new patch on the test client and if so, is there a possibility of having one assigned EK for all who just want to gather, craft and do some casual PvP, where we can interact and explore when we feel like it, without having to meet up in guilds, or teams or w/e.

It would be way easier and more enjoyable if we can have a meeting spot for casual testing,instead of going into campaign worlds all the time, where the ping may be on the doorsteps of hell.

Or just spending time in a lonely EK all by our lonesome.

Having a bit of fun, doodling around and meeting up and interacting will be the key parts of the game for me, in the future and I would like to start doing so now. Of course with the amount of players that are online atm that's so/so ,but at least having one gathering point would be nice.


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The assigned testing phases on the playtest schedule refer to campaign worlds only. Both test and live servers are online and allow you to open your kingdom 24/7 ... except during the short times when the servers get updated. 

You can visit any EK that is currently open for visitors and you can allow others to visit your EK once you opened it (open and enter your kingdom, hit ESC, press "edit kingdom", and enable the checkbox to make it public). You can also allow only certain people to enter your kingdom with the chat command /ekinvite playername. 

Remember, one of the big points of Crowfall is those little player-driven thingy. And open EK's are a part of it. ;)

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