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Galactic Junk League


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So prior to the surprise capture mechanic change in the CW's, I had started playing a recently released game called Galactic Junk League. It's an arena-base space combat game where you build your ships from scratch...and it's primary game mode is control-point based, which is kind of funny given what Crowfall's capture mechanic has been changed to.

It's free, it's fun, and you can actually pretty effectively simulate some of CF's class abilities...the matches tend to last around 10 minutes, so it's great for something to jump on a play for a bit while you're waiting for something to happen in CF. It's like building your own EK, and then flying it into space and killing someone with it!

You can find the game here, the Discord Channel here - good for finding matches - and a few of my recent matches here. If enough CF people start playing, we can set up all CF-premade 5v5s...would be pretty sweet. :)

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