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12mill, this is it?

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3 hours ago, Mapler said:

you guys got 12 mill funding,

plus all the additional cash from various other parties

where are the players?

I'd say most of them wait for 5.3 or simply wait for the game to come together as a whole. 

where are the mobs?

well from the start the goal was not to have a pve focus and simply adding pve elements to add to the immersion/danger level. And since they haven't even finished all archetypes one could assume they focused on that rather than some mobs. 

where is the promotional advertising?

advertising what? The current state isn't something you should shout out to the world saying come here and play. 

get your poorly made socks together, I'm tire of these early access hogwash ass games that never even launch. 

Well you pay for testing not for playing. And that's that. That's why I also think they should have an really big notification warning people that they are still testing when they purchase a package with test access. 


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A comment hardly worthy of a reply, but I'll bite.

It takes a whole lot more than 12 mil to make a MMO broski, factor in marketing and those numbers will skyrocket even higher. The population isn't there because this isn't "early access" in the sense you have a semi-polished and semi-fully featured game, quite the opposite actually. 

Now if you have a few more million stashed away some where, feel free to send it to me, for you know, operation costs and stuff.

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I saw him complaining in game about this stuff last night before he made this thread.

He also probably has no clue that the current market for sandbox games is dwindling down as a lot of them are becoming outdated, ignoring their player base, getting greedy with cash shops, false positive banning people from their game, etc. Heck, even MMOs in general are looking rather stale because there isn't much out there that sets them apart. A lot of the time I've read that features get cut so they can release something on time or cut it completely and never put it in the game even though it's stuff players want.

So far ACE has a track record of putting out an update video to answer community questions of what they're trying to do and when they get whatever that is done, they give it to us.

Honestly, that's a refreshing way to be treated as a backer, player, and just a person in general.

Right now is a great time to figure out the crafting. What mats work with what to get what bonuses and make written notes of it. Not whine in game and on forums about the lack of content or things to do. This is a testing phase. Not meant to be for entertaining even though it can be if you're enjoying your time testing.


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There's a lot of content creators who are looking forward to playing the game. I wouldn't worry about the hype all that much. If ACE continues to deliver on what they say, people will rave about this game. I could see it being in the top 10 or 15 on Twitch most streamed games. This isn't really counting any traffic the game gets from YouTubers.

I wouldn't worry too much about the hype of the game while it's still in extremely early development stages.


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I didn't say it would happen. I said I could see it happening. As in a possibility. A wishful thinking sort of thing. Looking at how MMOs have faired on Twitch on first releases, it is a possibility. Archeage held a pretty decent viewership, so did Black Desert Online. Albion even had a decent viewership for a little bit until SBI started actively ignoring and censoring their player base. Heck, Path of Exile went from barely having 1-2000 in viewership before its "official" release to 

And besides, top 15 most streamed games on Twitch is a few thousand in viewership. Currently at this time of this post Runescape is around 8000ish at 15th place. So you're saying Crowfall can't get that kind of viewership on Twitch? I can. Even if we're looking at a top 20 in viewership, that's 5-6000 in viewership at this moment at night.

This doesn't count the traction the game takes during Alpha and Beta tests or even on release with YouTube alone. I've seen this kind of stuff happen. It isn't unrealistic to believe it wouldn't happen again and with an actual good game. My perceptive might be a little different since I've been watching streams on Twitch since 2011 and watched viewerships of games go up and down and in a lot of cases completely fade away.


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2 hours ago, entityofsin said:

As in a possibility.

Sure it is possible, but beyond paying some big names to play it or popular streamers picking it up on their own, doubt it will be that stream friendly.

MMOs as a whole are pretty blah to watch for extended periods of time. Too much down time and mundane task work going on. Not to mention CF will be a competitive game and showing the enemy things is bad.

Launch curiosity is one thing, post launch ongoing interest is another. Maybe you were talking about launch specifically?

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21 hours ago, entityofsin said:

No, I was talking more along the lines of the hype and population increases as a game goes through the development stages, including launch.

Not sure how accurate this is, but seems realistic. https://sullygnome.com/game/Albion_Online/365/summaryhttps://sullygnome.com/game/Albion_Online/365/summary

CF might do better, but Albion isn't drastically different in basic game concepts and players it attracts. Hit trees, craft stuff, kill people, attack POIs, etc. Without all the flashy stuff that games like WoW/BDO bring, not that thrilling to watch imo.

Regardless, being top 10 on twitch isn't important if the game is good. However, paying a few big names, especially MMO players, for a day or more is all they need to do for the hype train to go full speed.

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Actually Albion is a lot different in concept. The entire platform mantra crap that SBI promoted the game was on "everybody matters" when really it wasn't how the game turned into and ended up being. PvP is centered around 5v5 GvGs over territories since world pvp is pretty dead for anyone outside of a large guild or alliance. So that funnels gear and items to very few people where the majority of the player population supports those GvGers. Even Hellgate teams have items funneled to them. In Albion, if you aren't one of the best at GvG or Hellgates, you don't really get anything. Crowfall isn't like that as you don't have to run around to resource nodes leveling up a gathering skill just so you can be relevant to a guild. As far as I have seen, read, or heard about, in Crowfall you don't have to worry about progressing from Tier 1, 2, 3, to 4 and 5 gathering of hide, rock, ore, wood, etc. but rather you just need to keep a tool equipped. Hopefully campaigns in Crowfall help prevent that as I don't think funneling items to a small portion of the player base is good game design and healthy for the game overall.

Crowfall seems to be more or less a game that actually puts real emphasis on team work. Albion didn't and that's why the player base is declining and has been declining for a long time.

Now I do agree, the viewership of Crowfall on Twitch doesn't mean anything and it would help if big names try out the game and bring a ton of awareness to the game.

To address that link you provided, yeah it's probably accurate. Albion has lost much of its player base during the 3 years of beta tests that disappointed people and the constant wipes didn't help either. They would make the map larger then they shrunk it after the player base dwindled considerably. By the time the game officially launched, there wasn't much of a player base to speak of.

I seriously hope that isn't going to be the case with Crowfall. 


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There is gear progression, to a point, in crowfall gathering as well. Critical chance, critical amount gear can make a huge difference in yields when you go out. Once cheaty potions are gone it will be even more pronounced. 

Much of the game is masked by the cheaty potions and the poisoned gift of all patterns being known without training.

(Both of these really devalue time spent training crafting and or gathering skills, and are so overpowered that they are a requirement for use, they also are masking completely just how badly the gathering trees are broken. Yes they are doing a revamp but if they revamp and balance with the potions still active then the result will be wildly broken yet again. 

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