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A chilly morning is exactly what I need


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Some believe, that the cold is taking something away from u. That it carries the hunger with it.

I believe different.

For those who embrace the cold, it offers something new. Something exciting. Something that feels almost romantic, enchanted, otherworldly. To me, it doesn't really matter where this feeling, this magic, comes from. If it is the power of a higher being, giving it's blessing to the few allowed to experience it, or if it is the hunger, creeping into ur body and spirit.

Or even some other power taking hold inside of u. There is no need to be frozen by the fear of the unknown source. Fear is after all just another power, to be used by those, who are ready to step beyond the known.If there is a drive, there will be a path, no matter it's form. No matter the hardships that one has to face, Because in hardship ,there is chance. And in chance lies opportunity, always.

When the cold starts to make itself known, u have a choice, go back to ur warm,known, safe place, seek the comfort of a group, or stand up and face it, knowing that there will be others paralyzed by the cold, waiting for it to pass.

This world we are living in, it doesn't move as fast, when the cold is there. But I do. And those who don't move, are easy prey.

There are not many predators, stalking prey, at this time. Even more opportunity for me.

Once u started to move, u can hardly stop. Like a big construct, set to burn the cold away. Maybe smaller, but still moving. A beacon of it's own. A light in this dark and frosty morning atmosphere. A rolling steam, catching u of guard. The boar didn't even realize that it couldn't move any longer, or that it didn't feel. It never woke, because it did not move. It had no reason to. But I do. Survival is a basic instinct, but without a vision, it is not enough drive for most. My dagger has a purpose, so do my arrows, which won't miss their mark. Even if we crows are nearly eternal, this vessel is not. I will always pick up a weapon, to fight  for what I believe in.But there is no reason to lose the power we have.Instead we can increase it, getting stronger and growing, beyond what we are. Some get lazy, because they believe that next time, they will succeed.

This vessel is strong - almost like it's blessed. I can hunt very well and I can find out so much about this world, even if it's unfriendly to others. I won't waste my opportunities and I will embrace my failures, for they are reminders and offer chances.My cloak and my armor protect me, my vision drives me and my soul burns. It is almost like a hunger, but not like the one ending this world - Or are they the same? It's driving me and it fills me up with so much energy, like an endless reservoir. Heating up everything around me. When I move, others do as well, or at least they will. Because the force that carries me, is greater then myself. It moves through me, almost like I'm doing it's work. But that's ok, somebody has to and somebody will.

Even now, I explore everything, I remember every landmark and I copy everything down on my map, so that others will understand, what I saw, where I went, what I found, where I will go. I bring food - the prey didn't even know, that it was hunted - for myself and those who need it. I gather, because there is nobody to fight for it, paralyzed as they are currently. All these resources are there to be used and I'm the one, who will find them, so others can use them. I have no need to create something material, cause there are multiple ways, to create and support others. There are a lot of ways, ones name will be known and spoken off. After all, the word was and will be. Always. Eternal. Surviving even the crows. 

I feel like it's time. Time to give, what this world gave to us. The power we got, we will give it back. Everyday. That's just Balance's way. Always giving, always taking, always just and always benevolent, to those, who believe.

May this cloak and armor protect me, what I need protecting from.

May these Weapons allow me to destroy my enemies, for their time has come.

May my will stay steady, for I have to move.

May my soul always burn and show others it's magnificence.

May I help this world , as it helped me.

May I give live, like live was given to me.

May I find the rest that I need, but not before it is time, cause there will be other days, other mornings to use, other times to be lived in.

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