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What do they know'?


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There are those, who only look with their eyes. Clouded by the many stories they repeat to themselves every single day. Their eyes can't see, what their mind and soul doesn't accept as good or bad. Their  stories give them a sense of worth, a sense of validation. I don't have that most of the time, but I can still feel a drive burning inside of me. Lingering at the edge of my mind, in the deeper, almost unnoticeable parts of my body, daring to burst forward and consume me completely.

But the time has not come yet. The time to be the purpose. The time to be the symbol. The time to dedicate the tidings of this world. No, my friend. The time is going to come. And I will be ready.

Till then, I will wield my weapons, with the purpose in my very soul. I will gather, what is needed. I will craft, what has to be crafted and infuse it with the very essence of my soul. The tools I wield, are not only tools, they are also weapons. Weapons that forge a part of the path.

Can u see it?

Or even imagine it?

Or does it just look like boring labor to u?

No, my friend.

There is so much at stake, so much to be gained. My axe may hit the tree a thousand times if needed, but these thousand hits will prepare my very being for that time. My hammer may destroy a million stones, taxing my body in a lot of ways, but these stones will be used to build the very foundation of our strongholds. A stone may be just a stone, but it may also be the pebble, that brought ur enemies to fall. The choice of weapon does not matter as much, as how u wield it. While u only see the materials u gain, I also see the way, with which we can build an even stronger arsenal. I will learn all the skills I can learn and I will do everything I have to do, in order to prepare. U may not like the person I talk to, but I can see, that they also have to play a role in getting me to that point. U may not see my vision or even be able to imagine it, but I can. U may disagree and even go against me, but u won't be able to stop me. Just like the tree, which will fall, u will break. U will crumble like the stones, if u cross me. There is nothing that will stand in my way. Because it is part of the way and it is part of who I am. So I do, what I have to do. I will wield my axe to fell the trees. I will bring down my hammer, to crumble the stones. I will swing my pick, to mine more ores. And I will unsheathe my weapons, when they serve the purpose. Till then, I will prepare.

A weapon without a purpose, is like a being without vision. it exists, but there is no need for it to move. If u are not moving, u are dead, in more than one way. U can't spell emotion without motion, so move.

Rise up from  the ashes. Take a step and look at the horizon. Are u able to see it?

Are u willing to consider it?

Are u willing to risk everything?

U know ashes and ruin , u may also know riches and love, but did u ever reach fulfillment and completeness?

Did u ever experience such a deep state of being, for a long time? Not only in the heat of battle ,but also with every motion of ur body. So much, that even ur words became different. Every motion filled by the purpose, everything burning in it's blaze.

When the time comes, there will be no need for words, or sides, everything will be clear and the truth will reveal itself.

Have faith my friend, balance will come, for it is always just and always in time.

Have trust my friend, there is nothing to fear, only obstacles that u can use to grow.

Now take a step with me and I will show u real magic, not like those of the sorcerers and not exactly like that of the gods, but also as breathtaking and humbling.


The time is here - as it always has been.

Edited by FloTS09


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