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What can u see?


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It's been so long, or did I already lose my sense of time? Who can really tell. No one seems to have been this far. Not even the Stoneborn. Not even a route from the Guineceans, who, admittedly, have traveled very far in search for more trade, feeding their need for exploration. Unusual.

There are so many paths in many worlds, created by them, even in regions unknown to the other races. The Stoneborn normally dwell in the deeper parts, doing their  "Great Work" . Uncharted territory is a good find, but also a dangerous one. The scouts always know the risk. Even when we crows are eternal, I don't want to find out, if we eventually end, when we die in some way. Or if we become more like Hero, unable to remember anything, but the battle we were send to fight. Till the last breath, when everything comes back to him - at least that's what the stories tell. 

I don't want to share his fate. But neither, am I going to hide somewhere. The days of senseless running are long over. The days where only my shadow paid me company. But even when they were dark days, they also held a gift. A gift I'm very thankful for. When u are at ur lowest, u can either suffocate under all that darkness, or u can fight it and stand against everything that holds u down. Maybe out of rage, but it's still a stance.

But there is also another option, u can embrace it and accept it. Like the old saga from Earthsea, where the biggest evil also held the greatest light. It is one of the teachings of Balance.

By embracing the darkness in and around me, I gained the ability to see more. There doesn't have to be that much light, I will see, for I saw the darkness and what it brings. I saw where it came from and even then I accepted it. I saw what it could do and I still held it in my embrace. I acknowledged it, for what it was. And it acknowledged me, for who I am. For what I can do. Together we would be even stronger, together we would be whole. Together we would glimpse into the parts that are hidden from most eyes. To afraid and to easily discouraged . There is no real darkness, when there is light. But light also creates shadows. Balance prevails, after all.

Ohh, it seems like I got carried away again. So much space, it is easy for the mind to wander about, when it's not occupied. But even when I can see here, I should still be paying more attention. I still have to remind myself of the possible dangers, lurking, waiting for their chance. It might have looked like  a small cave, when I found the entrance, but now it seems to be nearly endless, like it's woven trough the earth, in a  pattern I'm unable to discern. So long and so deep. But still with enough light, so that I can see, which doesn't have to mean much. I do wonder, what awaits me at the end, if there is one? Is it a tunnel? A route from an unknown race? It seems too big, to have been naturally grown. Maybe a secret hiding hole? Or a place where somebody hid a  treasure? Or the cave of a giant creature? There were no signs of a threat so far. I assume I'm safe, unless I make a ruckus.

Well, gotta keep walking.

Carefully placing every step. Looking at the rocks above me and the structure around me, looking for hiding places, other paths.

There were stories of dragons dwelling in the earth , of great snakes, that hibernate for very long, of shadows, feeding on the victims that come to close to their lair.Wait! What's that noise, it seem to be close.Now it's so far. Didn't it sound very light?

Wait. Did my thoughts wander again?

Maybe I just kicked a pebble, who knows how deep some of the holes in here go.

Where could I fight in here? Where can I find good cover?

What are my chances of escape?

There! I hear a rumbling sound. What can be so fast in here?

I have to get ready, to aim my bow at the enemy. But nothing seems to come, should I move on?

I almost had forgotten that feeling. The feeling of exploring a deep cavern, being ready to fight monsters at every turn, with companions by my side. But in here, I'm all on my own. Scary, but for some reason, it also makes me feel so unbelievable alive. It seems to have gotten brighter in here, even for my kind of vision. Are these crystal structures in the wall? But why do they shine? And why is it so loud in here, it was only a noise in the distance before.  Is that a water stream? Beautiful, violent but beautiful. Ohh great One, thanks for the blessing of seeing this world, the wonders in it seem to be nearly endless.

But even this wonderful place has to stay in my memory, I have to move on. My senses urge me to keep moving, to find out where this tunnel leads. My body is pumping, it did accelerate quite fast, better use that energy, before it goes away.

Faster, faster , I have to find something in here. I need to rest soon, if this goes on for much longer.


What's that?

Doesn't this look like another cave?

Is this it?

Tell me.

My nameless friend.

Is it time for battle?

Is it finally time?

Are u ready?

Tell me.

My friend.

With ur sight,

What can u see?

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