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[Fix] Timeout waiting for window to load

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I saw a few posts that a few others also have this problem.


After a big of digging with the client I found out the culprit and a solution for this problem.

Crowfall team/admin probably should sticky this or post this somewhere for others that also encounter the same problem.

Also, Crowfall team should also look into this issue as no other game I had encountered this problem. 


This problem is most likely caused by a VPN service you had install in your machine which changes your winsock settings (IPV6).

Usually uninstalling the culprit software will reset the settings.

However, in my case it did not as it is caused by a chinese software (xunyou - 迅游网游加速器) 

If you also had this software installed before you can skip to step 2. Otherwise you can try to find the culprit below:

WARNING - This is a solution I found working but we will be deleting .dll in the system folder, so follow this at you own risk!!

Be careful of what you delete! It can cause serious issues!

Step 1: Download Process monitor - Unrar and run


Process monitor will allow you to record to find out what process an application (CFLauncher.exe) is doing.

Start recording then launch crowfall

Filter to CFLauncher.exe 

Stop recording -> close crowfall (the error popup) -> clear -> run recording -> start crowfall again.-> wait till error comeup -> stop recording

You should now see something like this:


Now double Click on the last one to open up event properties -> process;.



You want to look at the path and the company and find anything suspicious.

Beside from the 3 from crowfall the rest should be from microsoft and 1 from Apple Inc. (At least in my case)

In my case there is an extra dll which is the xunyount.dll 

Steo 2: Deleting the Dll

Navigate to the dll folder ( C:\Windows\SysWOW64 ) and find the culprit dll. 

You are likely can't delete it as it is currently running. 

Simple rename it's extension (eg. xunyount.dll -> xunyount.bak) [WARNING: make sure to remember/leave the name intact incase you make a mistake and have to rename it back.]

Next restart your computer.

After you restart your computer, you are likely to encounter some error on some applications.

Step 3 reset winsock

Run cmd (command prompt) as adminstrator 

then type in netsh winsock reset



Finally restart you computer and run crowfall.

If all went well you should be able to get into the login screen and start patching! Enjoy! =)

*Once you confirm working, you can go back to system folder to delete the bak (backup)  dll. Thought I left it there just in case.




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@Noura if you haven't done so yet and still have problems please contact our support team by sending an e-mail to support@crowfall.com They will help you in any possible way in order to solve your issues.

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Thanks Minke, i'll do that.

You guys seems pretty eager to deal with those issues, thanks for answer our calls when we need help.

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