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Is this really,what we wanted?


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Every world comes to an end eventually, when the never ending hunger takes over and every beautiful thing fades away. We don't know what and how it happens. We just know that the end is coming.

Maybe even the endless wars will end - at least for some time.

We do not know what will become of us, the crows. Maybe it will be just another world for us, where we go through the cycle again. To fight for something else, to fight, for as long as we can. I'm unsure, if it's a curse, or a blessing. But even so, there is nothing we can change about that - at least nobody, who pleaded with the gods, seemed to have found another way. So we are stuck here, which does not mean that it's a bad place to be, merely a fact - at least for me it is.

There are also those, who dwell in inner confusion and pity, unable to come clean with the current state. Stuck in a state of mind, that does not allow for growth, or lasting happiness. Poor souls , I believe that they will find relief, eventually. All I can do is, to create the best possible atmosphere. To allow peace to take root, to allow no side to grow too overbearing. To give as much as I can. To offer a place to rest. To offer something that one can look forward to. To find something new, for others to explore themselves. To create a stable place. When we have a good foundation, we can work on something truly magnificent, something magical, something enchanting.Something worth protecting.

When we have that, even the smallest seed should have a chance to grow, for light will shine on it.

And as soon as everything can grow, anything is possible.

This should be at least part of our dream, part of our bigger picture, part of our goal.

But for now, we take, what we can take. Everything this world has to offer, is ours for the taking. Does it seem cruel sometimes? Yes, or maybe so. Not sure, This world grows fast enough and replenishes it's energy, even during such a hard time, when the hunger is creeping closer and closer. We crowd the animals together and decimate them in a very short time. Cutting them up. Nothing is left unused. But there are no marks of honor, no signs of glory. It is just part of the work.

We don't even need that much, just some poking and they come running. When they stand close together, thinking they are about to catch some juicy prey, we attack. All of them at once. With swift and brutal attacks - uncaring - we massacre them. They don't stand a chance and it's not like they can ignore us. We can hunt them one after another, or we herd them together like this. Just some powerful magic and a few arrows, some blade swinging and they are dead. Doesn't take much from me and my comrades - it's just work.

We take and take and we destroy, just like the godfather. We do also create, but what is born out of destruction is likely to destruct itself again, it is not stable. There is no harmony, not enough balance in the equation.

Is there not some better way?

Can't we make better use of the resources we have? For the time when the hunger comes, so we can fight longer, so we can hold on, so that maybe, we find a solution.

Can't we tame a few of the animals? So that we can breed them and study the materials, we can gain from them, more.

So that we can spend less times fighting and more time searching . More time, to care. To love, to live and to be peaceful, not bring it, but being it.

Doesn't this world deserve our respect , our gratitude, our care?

Why do we have to rob it, just because it grows so fast? But for how long?

How long can this go on?

Are we really better then the hunger?

We take and take.

Use everything we find , but just for our people.

Everything seems to perish, even under our hands.....

Can't we prolong this?

Can't we find another way?

Can't we find a solution?

Or is there only more of the same?

Can't we band together and seek, what we really want . Not some short pleasure, not something nice, but something fulfilling, something lasting.

There should be something better.Something that even u can imagine.

What do u need me to do?

Where do u need me to go?

Tell me, my friend.

With what u see and what u experienced.

Are u feeling well?

Do u think others are happy?

With everything u can see and feel here,

Where do u want to go to?

What do u want to do?

Tell me, my friend,

Is this really what we wanted?



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