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Beta Access & Key Mapping in 5.3?


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Hello there,

i am currently considering buying an early access pledge, however i'd like to not regret my decision when the beta 3 access might start in a few days given it was claimed to start "in a few months" back in 1q2017. 

Since i am left handed, it would not make a lot of sense playing before key mapping gets released in 5.3.

Given that you guys are probably better informed & more experienced that i am, when do you expect 5.3 or beta3 to hit? Is there any info on this?

THX in advance ;)

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5.3 will start testing in a week or two,  it will phase in with pre-alpha and alpha access over a few days, beta 2 later, beta 3 not before the new year I suspect.



                                                        Sugoi - Senpai

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