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Yo, whats up guys.  I've been reading a lot about the mysteries on Crowfall from articles that have been linked on youtube channels, and I must say I bit the mystery bait.  The game looks incredibly interesting and unique.  I'm really looking forward to learn more.


I've never really committed to an MMO before  so I'm pretty new to all the memo terms and gameplay. But hopefully this one will be different with me.  The one thing that made me register, though was this segment in the FAQs:


We have creatures that are incredibly deadly, but they don’t hang out at the end of a dungeon waiting for you to come kill them.  They also don’t drop rare magic items when defeated – because that would undercut the player-driven economy.


Instead, they sometimes drop rare reagents, which a master crafter can use as additives to craft high-end equipment.


Like wtf.... this just seems real cool to me.  Master Crafter?  Infamy and having your name known for crafting certain things... These concepts for crafting in the game just seem real unique and fun to me.  


Hope it works out!


I'll definitely stay posted!

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