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[-W-] Winterblades: Original thread


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[Please visit the new Winterblades recruitment thread HERE. - Pann]



Recruitment Open with Persistent "Big World" Campaigns*
The Winterblades are accepting recruitment applications for the Persistent "Big World" Campaigns.

Some video from the Bigworld:

7 Winterblades v. 12 Sugoi

9 Winterblades v 14 Avari/LoD

8 -W- v 17 Sugoi 

Ride of the Legionaires;

Eurocrusade! Playlist

Join us in Discord

What Does This Mean to you?
Building on our recruiting in Alpha 1.1/2.0, If you are interested in joining Winterblades for the Campaign World tests pm Angelmar on the forums. We are only accepting applications from testers with access to the Alpha at this time. During the alpha and for live we will be focused on USTZ servers. We are also taking applications for any Euros that want to play on the US servers Interested players can join us on the field and in our TS3 to run with us in Campaign World tests. . There is a probationary period of 30-60 days currently where both the guild and the applicant have a chance to audition each other. Final decisions on ultimate recruitment will be based on field performance and most importantly how well you mesh with the rest of -W-.
Our door of course remains open to former allies and enemies (and especially to individuals that were both!) from Shadowbane and Darkfall.

Who Are The Winterblades?
The Winterblades is a community of mature gamers whose core membership was forged in the crucible of Shadowbane. The community has been around in various forms since Ultima Online in 1998, but entered into a new era with Shadowbane in 2003. Over the years, through skill, determination, and dedication, the guild developed into one of the most respected communities in Shadowbane. In Darkfall, Winterblades, along with The Shipwrecked Pirates formed the core of the leadership of Shadowbane Alliance based out of the Winterblades capital of Erinthel.

Our History is an open book. From the dark days of defeat to the heights of victory and server domination, we've endured and grown. The strength of the Winterblades is the strength of our membership. We have always favored quality over quantity and do not mass recruit. We have a highly veteran membership, including multiple Shadowbane Community and Class Advocates and a deep bench of leadership with long experience at in game politics and the trials of open world pvp gaming. Our community is stable and dedicated and has been gaming together for over 15 years.

The respect the Winterblades have enjoyed amongst our former foes is one of our greatest badges of honor. Our success on the battlefield, our stability as a guild, and the quality of our leadership can be measured not only by the members, but by the actions of our former rivals. We have had multiple guilds, that were once amongst our foes, sub or merge into the Winterblades after meeting us on the field. Victory is important, but how that victory is achieved is also crucial. We let our conduct speak for us. Maturity, Class, and Respect have always been important to us.

Winterblades in Crowfall
The ultimate mechanics of the Crowfall campaign system are still largely unknown. Winterblades will be playing on the Dregs along with most the rest of the greater Shadowbane community. As Crowfall Alpha and eventually Beta continue, Winterblades will be slowly gathering Shadowbane and Darkfall veterans and new members that stand out during the Alpha testing. The testing phase and the probationary period is a great opportunity for both the guild and the applicants to get to know each other and make an informed decision on whether Winterblades is a good fit.

What about Eternal Kingdoms?
The mechanics of the Eternal Kingdoms (and how they will interact with the Campaign Worlds) are also still essentially open questions. Winterblades will always be focused on PvP and the Campaign Worlds (and maybe PvP in the EK!). The economic interaction between the Dregs and EKs is unknown, however we have a contingent of folks interested and invested in the the Eternal Kingdoms and the economy. As a guild that supported JTodd and Crowfall from the kickstarter, we have significant assets available to our EK folks including Imperial Palaces, Mountain Citadels and hundreds of tax free parcels

Pm Angelmar if interested or register on our forums and take look at our History for a sense of the guild.


Edited by Pann
Edited to add link to new recruitment thread.
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cools do u know if sm ppl are going to play


You tell me if the Winterblades are playing and I'll tell you about Silvermoon. Deal?


I'll go first: yes, Ralcor can't stand for me (or anyone else) to have more killshots than him and therefore will play this game. That being the case, the rest of SM will surely follow.

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