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[-W-] Winterblades: Original thread

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Breaking News! Sugoi sends recruits to spy on "top secret" publicly twitch streamed Winterblades scrims.


We really need to work on our intelligence gathering, if -W- didn't fall for it then we have a problem :D

"Float like a Butterfly.... Sting like a Misplaced Decimal Point" - Xarrayne 2018

YouTube Channel


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I highly recommend people check out the History link, especially those that may have "Grown Up" in Shadowbane. It's very well done. Entertaining and nostalgic, it's definitely worth the read.

Proto was rockin the cute (or at least smooshy-faced) cat sigs a lot during kickstarter.  He's uncharacteristicly a lurker these days... waiting for CF to be more of a game and less of an alpha test.

Had a number of great fights this weekend that I am working on getting up on Youtube.

Here is Winterblades 7 v Sugoi 12


Recruitment is still open to mature low-drama gamers that want to join us, whether they are crafters, pvpers or both.


Were obviously a veteran Shadowbane/Darkfall guild, and we welcome (encourage!) past friends and foes to apply, but there is no requirement to have played any of those games to join us.

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Those are some pro typing skills inviting me mid combat Mal :P. Good fights to everyone.


I also have to say it has been an absolutely pleasure playing with you all. -W- is one of the most balanced groups I've gamed with in a long time. A highly sought after combination of good leadership, pvp skills and a genuine selflessness and respect for all members. I specifically look for this and it's rare, but I know it when I find it.


I can't say enough positive things about this guild without sounding like a total groupie, so see you all this weekend.  <3

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Just wanted to drop in and say Hi!  


Good to see so much of the old SB fan base running around............. or maybe just hobbling.......some of us are getting a bit long in tooth :)


Downloading the client when I get home Friday and if the old MSI laptop can run it I will ping you guys in game...........otherwise I got to find someone coming from the state's to bring me a new rig :)


Semper Fi


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I have to say I'm very impressed with Winterblades.

- Solid leadership


- Professional approach to the game.


- Very organized


- Low drama from what I can surmise


- Knowledgeable players


If I were a new player looking for a quality guild this would be the guild I'd have at the top of my list. They are hands down the best guild in testing thus far.

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